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Blogtalk Radio Show Trumpified by Scott Isbell is #5
BlogTalk Radio Show Trumpified by Scott Isbell is #5 on the of Sound cloud Top 10 !!!

Blogtalk InternetRadio Show look for our first show with .@scottIsbell as we discuss his new hit song Trumpified. In the Top ten on Sound Cloud and getting a lot of publicity since being played at Donald Trump Rallies.

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Listen to this inaugural show as Scott Isbell tells us how he was inspired to create this Internet hit Song Trumpified.  Trumpified is playing on top 10 of Sound Cloud Trumpified is also playing at theDonald Trump Rallies.  For the future look to see Scott Isbell playing a set or two at the next Donald Trump Rally in your town!

Trumpsters tweet it out spread the word and make it happen, we want the youth of our country to be attracted to Donald Trump perhaps Americas last chance!!!