The path of Hollow Bones: The Vestibular sense

The Vestibular system was first sense to form on the earth; and is of the integrative componentry of your brain; it is involved in your sense of balance and the release of endogenous opiate; and whole brain functioning specific preferred syntax is engaged; you, move toward what’s attractive and away from what is repugnant;what is within and toward is you being in a state of associatedness; and, you being outside and away from is being able to dissociate; ok?

Whole brain functioning engages inclusive language not exclusive; and, is framing things positively and noticing that as you have a preferential feeling inside you are in whole brain patterning o i awarness; otherwise, you can have displayed limited mind function; via, words such as don’t, won’t, can’t, should, will, must, try, but, only just an example; ok

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