QAnon “DNC Election Fraud Sting Prediction” in Alabama by QAnon on 8chan

QAnon “Election Fraud Sting Prediction” in Alabama by QAnon on chan

QAnon "Election Fraud Sting Prediction" in Alabama by QAnon on 8chan
QAnon “Election Fraud Sting Prediction” in Alabama by QAnon on 8chan

So let me see if I got this straight?

– Q (past): George Soros is a target to clean the swamp.

– Q (past): George Soros owns the voting machines.

– Q (past): DNC thought they were going to win in 2016 by rigging the election, but good guys stopped them rigging 2016 election. They never thought they were going to lose.

– Q (day before the election, 12/11/17): “We have a special place picked out for George Soros; really Special”

– (Mon at 22:02, a day before the election this post comes out on 4chan): “The Storm is coming to Alabama. Tomorrow night. Doug Jones will be declared the winner of the U.S. Senate Special Election. He will have more votes than Roy Moore. The multiple fraudulent voting techniques employed to achieve this result are being allowed to occur. They are being documented. The subsequent “investigation” will reveal the entire Democrat Machine. This was put into play long ago. Y’all are soon to find out the true reason Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III was installed as the U.S. Attorney General.”

– (Tuesday at 16:03 on 8chan before the election results): Q posts a photo of what looks like an Executive order with a message “Merry Christmas”.

-(After election results, at 22:44): Q posts a link to an Executive order on election fraud. Q stated, ”Have faith. These people are stupid!”

– (23:15): Q posts “special”

– (23:28): Q confirms an anon post saying “They knew George Soros was going to mess with the numbers. This was the plan. A VERY SPECAIL PLACE!! What would be the penalty for stealing an elections?“

– Then Trump tweeted “the Republicans will have another shot at this seat in a very short period of time.”

• They knew the 2016 was supposed to be rigged and they stopped it. He appointed Sessions to empty a seat so there would be need of a special election. This was the set up to take Soros down. They have been preparing for this for a long time. Date of of Executive order was in May. This will go down as the biggest Sting in history. They will be writing books and making movies about this.









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