#Qanon Forecast the Termination of #Bruce #Ohr, Now #POTUS confirming

In the latest Q Post on 10/09/18 (Tue) 21:42:13 No.373 We Read that Bruce Ohr “TERMINATION IMMINENT” Today President Trump Tweet is confirming

Highlighting part of the post here and the full post available below..

And today President Trumps Tweet is putting the focus exactly on Bruce Ohr so you can bet some action will be forthcoming soon.



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Decode Qanon image names, mathematical proof that this random occurrence was highly improbable

An encrypted code in the names of the image files from Qanon?

A search of Bing with this code revealing this page



This is all from an Anon on 8Chan tripcode T3t4r

 bb5db4 No.71076


A bit clarification about the probabilities behind it. First here is a list of pictures from twitter. A +++ marks a different set. A set was taken in order. You can clearly see a pattern. Twitter gives them in order. All pictures on twitter behave that way. Right now we are in a phase of D. Let’s assume first that D is set. How likely is it that we end up with DOITQ. The beauty of the message lies in the perfect Combination of CAPS and lowers inside the complete String, meaning that “ows” Q are the ONLY small ones,…which by itself has interpreted meaning and ALSO separates the last CAP “Q” as a distinct Feature. But for the sake of easyness lets take that all to the side for now and let’s just calculate how probably the likelihood is of having “DOITQ” when D is already set. You could say there are more messages then only doitq if you have d set and string left. Pls don’t consider taking more string into account since this will make it even more unlikely. If you know more good messages starting with D followed by 4 string..pls go ahead. We need to discount them from the calculation later. But there aren’t many.
Let’s do a bit math. There are 26 CAPITAL letters each, 26 lower letters and 10 numbers=62 You see in the last 3 examples that their are also numbers in the first string. It’s just 5.2 times more likely that it will be a letter and not a number. You even have special characters in the set,….but let’s discount them for now….if not it would become if more unlikely.

Now its easy: 62 x 62 x 62 x 62 = 14.776.336

a Chance in 14 million to one that you get the string DOITQ if D is already set. If you don’t set D, multiply it with 62 😉 If we assume that also DOItq or DOiTq is possible, then

2 x 2 x 2 x 2=16 possible combinations of “doitq” 14.776.336 / 16 = 923.521
One in a million Chance.** But now the beauty of THE complete String would be destroyed. We are not even talking about the rest of the String “owsQ”. We could continue the calculation, but it would get complicated. You see how crazy the numbers get if we assume only 4 strings.

So let’s recap: We all we waiting for a confirmation of Q, to not burry it too fast. The Thumbs are resembling a really nice Q(That alone is not much) The supposed random name of the picture gives out a perfectly code…not only in meaning, but also in perfect combination of UPPER and lower case letters, which is most remarkable. DO-IT-Q-J8UIAA-ows-Q. These are the logical sets in this string. The only UNKNOWN string is J8UIAA. It’s a very unique string..not many matches on the net…try it yourself. Now if you use not evil google…only stupid microsoft,…meaning BING
It leads you right into the heart of the swamp by the VERY FIRST result. Which is a gov doc….hmmm. Wow…ok….that alone is crazy.. Not only that, but you can see that it did find only 3 matches at all, one of the matches is 404…the rest ist popular garbage.
Try to use other 5 string random combinations on BING. It gives you mostly random crap. Try * BXXkAA * P70UEAA
Both have the distinct AA combo in the string like J8UIAA. Totally different results. combined with all the other coincidences… Combined with everything else going on, it gets really weird. So yes it’s technically possible to reserve the perfect string beforehand, and post the pictures to exact the right time. You would need access to the twitter core for that, since perfect outside prediction and injection would not be possible. It would also be nice to crawl the web for all following pictures and pictures before that, to see if their where any timing discrepancies at all, which would hint at a sloppy integration, but I assume it’s perfect. I would need a bit of programming for that, but not worth the insight. Anyway…just wanted to do a bit probabilities with you guys. I believe we are in the middle of the biggest change the earth has seen. And the forces behind it could surprise some of you…I leave it with that.
It could also be the powers of KEK.

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