A story off the 8kun board some real history up to the moment info here.


If you haven’t been here since the start, then you might not completely understand what’s really going on. Thanks to current BO, FJ, you all should (if you don’t already) know that Jim did, indeed, plan to have anons migrate off this board. The reason for this was “after Q”, he needed people to start using /newsplus/. If you don’t know what /newsplus/ is, go check it out. Jim’s taking on the news orgs with the idea of citizen journalism and discussion. Gee, I wonder where that idea came from, huh?


>>12650358 (lb) https://8kun .top/qresearch/res/12649897.html#12650358

Pay attention:

-Frederick Brennan (Hotwheels) the original owner of this site handed it over to Jim for financial backing. In those days, moderation was extremely lax. By extremely lax, I mean the type of stuff that was posted and allowed on this board ranged from illegal to honeypot to legal porn.

-Q shows up on 4chan, and the subsequent migrations led it to 8ch.net (“here”).

-Fred made a post showing everyone the big gigantic “Q” he got in his apartment; despite there being “no video footage of the people coming in and out of his gated community” where he lived in Philippines.

-Channers saw that as a very clear indication that “Q” was legit.

-This place took right the fuck off, and Q started swelling significantly.

-Throughout the drops, it became very obvious that Q was either legit, or someone that was exceptionally versed in getting open source information to build an extremely convincing narrative.

-Some of the photos/proofs posted would have to be nearly impossible to get unless you were on AF1, riding down runways in China, or working in the OO.

-This movement proceeds and anons are highly confident that Q isn’t just legit, it’s the coming of a new era in our great Republic.

-Ron becomes a little more active in the movement as it’s now the bread and butter of 8ch. I mean, not too many people hang around /zoo/ or /wx/, sooo…

-At some point, the site went down for 93 days. During this time, Jim, Ron, and Fred came to the USA. Jim gave a congressional testimony, and shortly after that, 8chan went through several iterations to get it back on line; eventually ending up on a “.top” domain with Vanwatech as the 3DNS solution to help keep it online.

-Ron started his own bitcoin, susucoin, and used this platform to push it.

-Ron cranked up Odin on this site, despite never officially announcing he had, and it worked pretty well. It stabilized this place, and it became very difficult to keep it offline via DDOS.

-Kayfabe between Fred and Jim seemed to be fueling a lot of the attacks on the site.

-Fred tried to tell people over and over that not only does Jim own this site, but also qmap.pub (which, after he told everyone about that and proved Jim did own the site, it went offline).

-Jim said we’d be gone after November in a conversation with one of his admins.

-That conversation was dropped on this board by FJ to keep anons informed of what was going on. It was mostly ignored.

-Lots of other fuckery happened, and anime poster (who never left) came “back” and started being a regular in baking and other shillery.

-The shills here that constantly fight anons? Some of them run lots of various other chans on the DW and clearnet (see point above), and they know Jim, and know things ABOUT Jim; or at least that’s what they chat about on the DW…

Pillow hacker
Pillow hacker

-The 20th happens, Biden is sworn in, and one of Jim’s employees (BV that went by Pillow) decides to start wiping the board.

-All that wonderful reliability and performance the site had before vanishes. 502 errors and other errors instantly come back.

-FJ tosses his hands in the air over twitter, and outs Jim and the employee.

-8Bit (and FJ?) get shit back up and running.

-Ron takes to tele and makes this post.

-Anons are scratching their dicks/pussies and wondering if the Q stuff was real, or all a very elaborate hoax to get traffic to this site.

-Lots of indications that the plan is still in effect, but perhaps the next steps are to get anons to “move on” from here and do “Q” stuff in real life and on social media, but don’t be so fucking stupid as to get yourself banned on platforms by being a fucking sperg bot with hashtags and images that are easily discernible by AI.

-In case you didn’t read some of the items above, it looks like Jim wants us to migrate off his platform. We should do that. Like, right now.

-Q has gone away, but the plan is still in motion.

-Anons on 8kun’s chapter in the plan is over.

-The anons still left on here are holding out for some datefagging on the 31st as per some Gen Flynn post on Parler.

-Any anons on this board, specifically, after Jan 31st, are either newfags just finding this place, or extremely stubborn hopefags waiting for “Q” to give them the go ahead to leave the site. 

I think that about covers it. Use your common sense to fill in whatever other gaps you have. You can waste your time watching Jim make Bible scripture reading youtube videos or interviewing people like Cynthia McKinney, or you can go and do your own thing and live your life like a normal person that isn’t addicted to chans.



If you access this site with Tor, you aren’t protected unless your security settings are set to “Safest”. You also can’t post when you do that. Is this really and truly an anonymous free speech board if that’s the case?

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