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Pulkingham Layne Houston C.D. Release Party




Most know by know that Austin Texas is known for its rich music history. This week I went to see Darin Layne and David Pulkingham at he Cactus Cafe, which you can see on the map linked is in University of Texas campus. These two are adding to that history today! Students of UT may want to catch Darin and Layne the next time your wanting something relaxing and stimulating at the same time.  Its a good choice for a date with someone special! Austin has some great music! thanks Pulkingham, looking forward to your next gig in Austin.!/v/enki74/61xh08d2

Pulkingham Layne Cactus Cafe
Pulkingham Layne Cactus Cafe
 The next show is in Houston a link from facebook Pulkingham Layne Houston C.D. Release Party event page is showing Friday September 8, 2017 

Pulkingham Layne is the nylon string acoustic instrumental guitar project of Darin Layne and David Pulkingham. Both artists are top-notch performers whose careers have placed them on stages around the world with luminaries ranging from Moby to Bruce Springsteen. Their second album, “Stringology” (August 2017), is in turns giddy with playfulness and heartbreaking in sweet sadness. The 11 tracks on “Stringology” traverse styles from Brazilian Choro to Jazz to Classical, with nods to Flamenco and Klezmer music. PulkinghamLayne is a heartfelt expression of joy in music and camaraderie from two world-class players who have every intention of moving the listener.

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