Trump plays FakeNews like a fiddle & gives biggest clue to Q ever to the Anons on 8Chan Confirms QAnon

You will see Fake News media like this is the morning

FakeNewsStories Consequential consinsual mixed up? or best QAnon clue yet?
Fake News Stories Consequential consinsual mixed up? or best QAnon clue yet?

Don’t believe them!!! President Trump is confirming to his Anon army of news reporter sleuthing clue decoding detectives that QAnon is real and at the same time setting up the protocol for further messages to be transmitted this same way

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#Trump plays #FakeNews like a fiddle & gives biggest clue to #Q ever to the #Anons on #8chan Confirms #QAnon
Tell your friends this is #GreatAwakening Now starting your #Qresearch here
In this video I will show how POTUS makes it clear and gives evidence that Qanon is his man and that we can trust his word! The Brilliance of our President is unmatched, he confirming Q at the same time he left a big long rope for the FAKE NEWS to hang themselves with. You can be sure that they will all so stupidly make fun of him in the morning all the while those of us (and that you and me) have been given the most clear piece of confirmation where to get our news. We are living this reality; hear, what im saying, and see this is the turning point! DJT is making a laughing stock of our mainstream media, all the while giveing the microphone to inexperienced ones like me but with unyielding intention to take our country back!!!
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Most Consequential QAnon Update Thus Far! Consensual with POTUS I’m Sure!!!


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