30 Pages of Clinton/Lynch Tarmac Records Hidden by FBI Released Thursday November 30 2017

Clinton Lynch Tarmac meeting and there discussion to be fully disclosed today!!! Stay tuned as I update this blog entry throughout the day!


Do you think this will lead to more and more and more “Swamp Draining”???



FBI Finds 30 Pages of Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Documents Wants Six Weeks to Turn Over Docs



JW-v-DOJ-Clinton-Lynch PDF

Tweets Trump the Cabal lead MSM giving the Govern-ment back to the people.


Perfect example here with a poll of the people revealing easily the will. In the future the blockchain will make for a perfect way to allow this kind of democratic governance.  I still think there needs to be a balance between 100% democracy where 51% can vote the money away from 49% think of it like a reality show.  Must be balanced by some form of republic. Really moving most of the “govern-ment” as close to the “tribe” or local as possible we only need DC for a small number of things as a National Tribe.



Library of Alexandria meets the BlockChain 


Paid version of that video



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