JULIAN ASSANGE: IS, defended by fellow Australian; Jubb, David

Julian Assange Internet is taken away in one more attempt by the hand above the government (govern=control ment=mind) to attempt to stifle the whistle blowers of our time.  Once again I see that the globalist have yet to learn the lesson of history past as they attempt to gather back control only reveling their sen ester plans ever more and exposing their hand above.  Oh im sure that the controllers have great plans for the internet and had no insight into how this great network would turn around to bite them in the back.  Go Julian Assange go David Jubb keep up the great work as you both representing Australia as heroes of our time as one is in the “mother” country the UK and one is in this child of a nation the USA.

Watch this video now by a fellow Australian Dr. David Jubb on the Julian Assange silencing attempt by the hand above.

Jubb David, is a man that is voice for the voiceless; and; a father that has discovered that common law no longer exists; in, the United States of America;
A corps, of dead language;
is, existing above the heads of those in government;
Jubb David, is a whistle-blower; participating, in protected conduct and disclosure, of official misconduct;

This, whistle-blower’s journey is a discovery; that, parent/child right isn’t being upheld and such is a non-controvertible common law claim
Jubb David has no right to his son; and, his son, Dakota, has no right to a father;
At this moment, we are in a communistic country; where, there is no way to void a void court order because no one is home;
Common, law is meant to be the oversight; however, there is no perception in the offices of government;
Jubb David, has a verifiable non controversial evidence claim; and, a constructive agreement between parties; yet, wrong doers are allowed to hold your property as if it’s theirs; yet, they didn’t make it;
Government exists to protect property.
Property, is what you; have, exclusive use for yourself over any one else in society; this your property to move your own arm, not some else’s
Government, does not have a right; it, is a fictional entity;

Jubb David is whistle-blower and Neuro-behavior physiologist that has innovated the fields of linguistics and neurology. Additionally, he is the foremost authority of Colloidal Biology: a new insight of life below the cellular level.

Any condition you may have can be cleared away with natural processes and whole brain functioning patterning

And, Check out; all, of Dr. David Jubb’s; videos, on Youtube
also, his books at Amazon.com;

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