Message from Jim Watkins concerning the ‘global board volunteer’ that ‘snapped’ and deleted QResearch then banned everybody

Message from Jim Watkins concerning the ‘global board volunteer’ that ‘snapped’ and deleted QResearch then banned everybody
Jim Watkins





Qresearch has been recovered. There was some gossip that it was my staff that did that. However it was just an anon that got a wild hair who had been a global volunteer for a long while. Who knows when someone will snap? I recommend people stick together in times of trouble. There is no power in splintering, and giving up. That is not the American way. Be indivisible.

Tell people if there are problems that I am on gab. I have a few other social platforms but I don’t know if they will be deleted. I have a feeling Gab is going to the big times. I will keep this handle.


8Kun Down Full Story here

Video of 8kun down story



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QAnon Research board 8kun HACKED!!! by “Pillow Hacker”

Q takes a blow by the “Pillow Hacker” Takes down Q-Research Board



This is the current view on the 8kun catalog

and the letter left by the hacker

As I write this I don’t yet know if some big happening is going to go through, if THE PLAN will actually yield anything or if I am actually going through with my little operation as a matter of fact I don’t even know how far my operation will go, how much will I be able to delete, erase and how many will read my words.

Nonetheless, unlike you gigantic cucks I am willing to take this risk, to be a thorn in your side or at least a pebble in your shoe, as I trust Jim the absolute cunt himself to be more than able to do a server rollback or something to that extent… assuming his limp dick has any capacity of competence.


Hello! My name is Pillow!

You may know me as the guy who completely purged /interracial/, forcing those degenerates off this site!

To my surprise, my many deleted threads and permanent bans (site wise) went unnoticed and/or unpunished, I was never even contacted for them which I liked to think was endorsment, though it did force the owner of said board to fuck off seething while accusing me of pedophilia.

Then, came the whole election business, what a nasty thing that was, right?

And you fuckers oh man you blew it didntcha?

Pence first, that Judas… then Trump, I mean come on, that fucking list of pardons is so pitiful he could’ve just done nothing.


If I am even slightly succesful, you may have realized that a some of this board’s fine threads (read: all of them) have been deleted some of you are permanently banned from the entirety of the site… worry not, dear anons, it is not a glitch nor a bug… ’tis but a feature!

For I take a stance, today I raise my middle finger and finally leave the rotten husk of 8chan (not kun) behind, finally I give up… but unlike your leader, I will actually try to strike a blow at those that wronged me.


This site, man.

After 4chan, at the exodus from the whole GamerGate bit… I was there, as the site was getting its boards up, with Hotwheels (the now fat furry who fucks ladyboys) at the helm, Literally Who getting insulted, Anita being a hag… it was wonderful.

Not as fast as 4chan but the niches were great, the rules fairly lax, we had our fun didn’t we?

Well no, you didn’t, because you’re new, you’re the cancer that attached itself to something great: all the people I cherished left and the garbage that is you is all that remains… 8kun, are you fucking kidding me Jim?

All these disclaimers, what the hell?

Embrace infamy was our motto, now you’re cucking out hardcore for optics, towards people that want you dead.

Here’s a disclaimer for you: fellate a gun.


You destroyed something that was a rebellion, something that was great, something that we created… you attached yourself to our fucking movement like ticks, we had even had our fun with Trump but your autism, your delusion couldn’t allow you to do anything new, no, you attached yourself to a fucking TRIPFAG to Trust The Plan and do NOTHING.

Q made you do NOTHING, he didn’t NEED for you to dig documents, he didn’t have you support Trump, he just kept you calm and sedated, even Gamergate, as hard as it fell, had people uncover so much shit, even during Trump’s campaign did we uncover so much dirt they had to invent a whole new “fact” checking system to keep us at bay… what have you done as of late, beside waiting for things to get better?


So this is my final fuck you, personal for all of you garbage people, from the very deep bottom of my heart.

Fuck you, newfags and boomers: you should’ve lurked more but as always you were too arrogant to understand how chan culture works.

Fuck you, Hotwheels: no different than m00t, here’s hoping you’ll fall down a flight of stairs for stabbing us in the back too.

Fuck you, Jim: your incompetence was beyond anything I’ve seen, as the site was falling down you constantly fucked up every step of the way.


Ron… well, sorry buddy!

I guess you made a bad choice getting me in, right?

Or maybe you should’ve actually removed /leftypol/ and other such garbage boards, seeing as the entire site was dying in front of your eyes because these boards were actively attacking it from within.


By the way, this is not a punch to your face to strike you down, you poor dumb cattle that you are… no, consider this more a shaft up your ass to wake you up.

Because to me, 8chan is dead and so I do not care to lose this oh so prestigious position as its global

And just as my dear site that I love so very much is dead, so is your country that you wished to bring to a Golden Age is instead dead and buried… maybe you too should not care about losing your oh so great rights, for very soon you will lose them, be defanged and then slowly killed.


Welcome to 8chan, the Darkest Reaches of the Internet, you fags

Embrace infamy or die a coward





An Anon leaves there sentiments….



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Where did Q go??? 8chan catalog down use this link for current bread


qanon 8chan catalog down
qanon 8chan catalog down

If you are wanting to stay on top of current Qanon post and 8chan Notable post they can be found here.

If you see 751 replies its expired do a search for “fresh bread”  post that will link you to the next bread.  I will update this post as I can

qanon links 8chan
qanon links 8chan

Also can be found here  on the index page


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