Qanon Fresh Bread Crumbs – Wake Up America We Have A Way Out of The Matrix

Ambassador Matlock has something to say about Russia and diplomatic discourse.

Jack Matlock-AMB-Matlock- Ambassador Russia
Jack Matlock-AMB-Matlock- Ambassador Russia

In this Latest Post by QAnoon on 8 Chan Q is pointing the Anons to the play that is unfolding in front of us preparing us for the “Bad Actors Awards” of the MSM and  to the “Great Actors” that make up a good movie its speculated this is referencing the Bannon Trump fiasco that is playing out now.  Seems more like a WWF show to many.  Remember Trump rules the narrative and does everything with precision and purpose. 

Watch this video to get the latest bread crumbs contribute to this silent revolution in what ever way you can young old professional and blue collar retired or millennial.  If you want a better America help spread the word the Cabal is going down! The Swamp is going to be emptied.  Find your niche in this great play the stage is set, decode q post, tweet, share by the fire at night every thing counts be kind allowing and gentle of those with severe blue pill effectiveness.

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