Whole Brain Functioning learn how to connect mind and body

“Howdy mates…I am on tour across America again and passing through Austin, Texas on my way to present cellular rejuvenation and Whole Brain Function at DisclosureFest.” Dr. David Jubb is a forensic and medical intuit; a, western trained neuro-behavior-physiologist; & has completed 20 years of clinical research into how hemispheres of the brain participate in mood; Dr. Jubb; foremost scientist forwarding information on: application, of full taxonomy of sensory motor complex in behavior; colloidal biology; lifefood agrarianism; & lifehouse sustainable community. He is a trained Toltec shaman given the medicine-name ‘Happyface’; who is forwarding action & a mission; the fulfillment of the rainbow prophecy. [South Austin]
{Real Provision presents Dr. Jubb, Sunday at 6 pm; message me for details.} 
See EclipseNow.net to contact or msg me on Twitter or Gab.ai (Speak freely) if you would love to have public or private event!

— with David Jubb.

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