Suicide is not natural; We are all one; communicating, we are open

To talk is clarifying for the psyche; so I am talking about suicide today I learned of a friend a beautiful creative and funny friend that is no longer here, she took her life. She was amazingly funny creative and beautiful so of course it does not make sense;  looking, closer at her material one can see a theme she told me she did not want to wait tables anymore and we were talking about how she can become a yoga teacher and what it was like;

Andrea, you have taught me to never stop reaching out to those that have reached out to you; thinking; if only my text was a few days earlier would things be different? Reality is; that the culture and time we are in now is not easy; oppression, is rampant we are more as anthropos of mother earth goddess Sophia; Monday, is full moon, and summer solstice; I will use this day as marker in time for my memory of you and your impact on my life;

This is an eye opening look at Andrea

A goFundMe Page has been set up for her children here:

AndreaPreston gofundme
AndreaPreston gofundme


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