Trump’s pinned tweet about 9/11: the final decoded message.

We continue to decode the Maestro’s pinned tweet about 9/11.

Before you proceed, make sure you went through part1.

So we found Hussein was hinting at the MARK OF CAIN in his speech in Cairo. Just like Bush, No Name, and HRC, Peace Nobel Prize Hussein is in the Club: he wanted human blood spilled. As much as possible. To feed the Child of Darkness. Not allegorical. In addition to moving forward in the treasonous 16 Year Plan to Destroy America described in Q570 and Q2640, how do you get to kill/sacrifice as many people as possible without having to worry about the Military questioning the morality of your actions? Answer: you purge and weaken the Military by firing whoever openly questions you: step1. Then, you increase military funding to create undisclosed capabilities like a drone squadron controlled by psychopaths from the White House and without Pentagon’s involvement to watch people die in real time: step2. Then, for those you can’t kill with drones, you slaughter them by funding, supporting and protecting groups like ISIS:

Q2640 HUSSEIN “ISIS JV TEAM….” Did ISIS form on HUSSEIN’s watch? Did HUSSEIN take care of business or allow them to expand? How long did it take POTUS to ERADICATE and DESTROY ISIS?

Then, to make sure the Hidden Masters are adre-satisfied and to prove to them that the chaos they ordered is real on the ground, you regularly broadcast this type of video in complicity with the Fake News: step3YouTube.

Then, when Patriots like Gen. Flynn try to do what’s right, you shut them down: step4. And, finally, this is what you get: step5YouTube.

That’s who we elected as President of the United States for 8 years. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t. Back in 2012, the Maestro asked this rhetorical question: tweet.




Here is the appetizer: linkYouTube.

And here is the main course, read the decoded message very carefully: Img8PNG

As you can see, Hussein was a major step for SA and the Muslim Brotherhood in their attempt to infiltrate and completely hijack the US Government. They managed to get their puppet in the White House and control it, just like they controlled the Senate and Congress through spying and blackmail link.

Q674 AWAN/DWS/Paki intel/MB.

Q1626 AWAN is bigger than you can imagine.

Yes AWAN is coming soon in a theater near you. Do you think JA will bring us some pop corn from London?

The final nail in the coffin was to get HRC to replace Hussein and Huma Abedin to replace Valerie Jarrett. Did you see how much more blood Hussein brought to the Child of Darkness tanks in comparison to his friend and predecessor George W Bush? Well, HRC would have won the prize and make him look like a small village butcher. Just as Secretary of State, look at what she did to Lybia videoYouTube,

and look how she bragged about it: videoYouTube.


You are now equipped to read Hussein’s inverted speech in Cairo: Img9PNG

Now look at this drop about Dopey:

Q539 He doesn’t have 6b. We froze his assets. Think logically. When does a BIRD TALK? Q

Q is signaling Dopey was just a straw man. He was used by his masters from the Cabal as a conduit to manage their illegal operations because he had the perfect Saudi prince cover. Do you imagine the wealth of information gathered when he started singing?

Q1948 HUSSEIN should be VERY nervous. BRENNAN should be VERY nervous. KERRY should be VERY nervous. MERKEL should be VERY nervous. +29. How were the pallets of cash divided? How many planes were used to transport? Who operated the planes?

This Q drop, with Dopey unsuccessfully trying to buy patriots like Giuliani after 9/11 article are an indication the Maestro has it all regarding the WTC attacks and the Iran deal. Buckle up.


As you can see, all these people do not have anything to do with Islam when they claim to be Muslims or Christianity when they claim to be Christians. How do you explain operatives like Schiff and Nadler who claim to be Jews are not offended by Ilhan Omar? Answer: because they are as Jew as Ilhan is Muslim! Their true allegiance transcends the religions they claim to follow and in reality, they share the belief in an extreme version of Communism. From Q2364, you already know about Valerie Jarrett’s communist DNA. Now go through this article and

discover how Ilhan Omar’s family was connected to Siad Barre’s bloody genocidal Marxist Leninist regime in Somalia. Is it a coincidence they all have ties to Communism? These people are posing with religions we know but their hidden allegiance is revealed in Q1954

where Q shows us a picture of a Nazi pin tag with communist symbol. Go through the following decode and discover who they really work for: Img10PNG 

Did you see One World Religion Pope Francis with his chains? Now you know why Ilhan tweeted this.


She was trying to play smart in her response to Trump with this tweet in Arabic as if it came from the Quran. It doesn’t. And she knows it. This is why she did not reference it. But it’s out there and those who don’t know will make up their own mind about it. It seems RT fell for it: link. This is a perfect example of what they do: they bet on people’s ignorance and sell them shiny objects using deception to create confusion and division. What does that tell you? Yes: they have no respect for the Holy Books they claim to believe in and have no scruples to deceitfully use them to achieve petty goals. They are Cabal operatives and God does not have anything to do with their true agenda.

Img11PNG The next tweet’s capital letters add up to 85, value for ENCODED IMAGE. This is how I knew I had to analyze the image sizes found through the Q904 string. The tweet was posted at 12:57PM, we can pull Q57, Q1257 and Q2457 and realize they are all in context. With the highlighted lines, we deduce the decoded message.

Img12PNG Next, we gather the last two tweets in the same image and pull all the in-context Q drops connected to their respective timestamps. The first tweet’s capital letters add up to 150, value for DAVID ROCKEFELLER, when connected to the line “Titanic” in Q127 and the list of central banks in Q136, we solve with John D. Rockefeller who was part of the Jekyll Island conspiracy that led to the creation of the Federal Reserve. To know the details of this conspiracy, I highly recommend reading The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin. His research shows how John D. Rockefeller was remotely involved through his omnipotent father in law Senator Nelson Aldrich and how, later, David Rockefeller funded Marxist and Communist countries by his own admission. This excellent book also describes the mechanics of the collusion between Washington, big money, monetized intelligence and the best enemies money can buy. As you will see, HRC’s private server is not an innovation for these people… You’ll also learn the NK/Iran/ISIS model is actually a very old one. We deduce the decoded message.

We have gathered all the pieces of the puzzle, here is a visual summary: Img13PNG

And here is the final decoded message: Img14PNG




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Trump’s pinned tweet decoded: 9/11 was a satanic sacrifice and an inside job.

‘Trumps Pinned Tweet Decoded911 Was A Satanic Sacrifice And An Inside Job’ on #SoundCloud

Don’t you just love it when the Maestro uses their mistakes to extract the rare element, the hidden diamond that transforms the whole conversation?

Ilhan Omar, the other Linda Sarsour, who was hired by Clowns to make all Muslims look crazy, has dropped another one recently. This time it was about 9/11. Thank you Ilhan: you gave the opportunity to the Maestro to pin this tweet

and to launch the Gold Rated Sunday Hunt for the Anons as announced in this tweet.


So Anon, were you part of the Sunday Hunt? Or did you use your week end to get some rest, sleep and enjoy Deep Dreams?

As usual, let’s identify the pieces individually first and we’ll solve the puzzle at the end.

The tweet was originally posted on April 12, at 4:35 PM. Img1PNG



We go to Q1635 and are educated about the “Brand of Sacrifice”, which is basically a mark that Satanists put on their sacrificed victims to collect their vital energies and feed the “Child of Darkness”. I told you in a past post that blood, especially human blood, is the component containing the chemicals allowing dark spiritual entities to increase their energy and to manifest and intervene in our realm. This is why they need wars, fetuses and blood banks. You thought blood banks were just for transfusions? Think again. That’s the cover. Who audits the quantities received and the quantities used? Research this. On your way, you’ll stumble upon blood tests and the story of Ex-Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes: Img2PNG


 She found a way to reduce the quantity drawn for a blood test by a 1,000 ratio. Not good. They tried to seduce her, then to control her, when it didn’t work, they destroyed her videoYouTube.

Yes, they want our blood. That’s how they survive and that’s how they prepare the arrival of the Antichrist, Satan’s Child, the Child of Darkness and that’s what Q1635 is about.

Q587 PRAY. PREY. Notice the similarity? Q

Let’s go back to the first image and finish decoding the tweet. The video length is 43 seconds and you caught this is George W. Bush and links to his very strange and mysterious activitiesYouTube a few minutes before the 9/11 attacks. The capital letters add up to 219, value for THE FIVE DANCING ISRAELIS. This is confirmed by the 5 “1” in the RT Apr 13 timestamp: 11:01:11 AM. This RT points to Q1101 where we read “Follow the family” and “re-read drops”, which is code for: analyze the background of these Israelis and re-visit Trump’s communications on this issue.

Let’s listen to the Maestro in Birmingham, AL on November 21 2015: until 45:07YouTube. You got that? He said he wanted surveillance on the immigration Trojan horse (which is how the Deep State imports bad actors), surveillance on certain mosques (which are used as conduits to sleeper cells), then, he said he saw thousands and thousands of people celebrating in New Jersey as the WTC was coming down. Even though NJ has a large Muslim or Arab community, he did not specify if those he saw were Satanists, Jews, Christians or Muslims. Well, look at the headlines the next day and read what the Fake News was trying to achieve: Img3PNG



Do you see the trick and how the Maestro counterpunches? They lie about him and attach to him an imaginary position to cause a clarification that they plan to present as a retraction. But the Maestro, like in Aikido, “owns” the imaginary position, doubles down on it and forces their silence. Then, after he dealt with the Fake News, he completely buries them with logic or evidence, while making sure his constituency understands his real position, which is, in this particular case, that he respects all religions. Watch how he does that 2 days later: until 34:42YouTube.

So now, with this WaPO article Trump talked about, the Media’s dishonesty becomes clear on this issue. The interesting question is why? What were they hiding? Yes, you got it: they did not want people to find out about the FIVE DANCING ISRAELIS. Watch very carefully: videoYouTube.

Next piece of the puzzle: we decode the first tweet of the Sunday Hunt. Img4PNG



The tweet was posted at 9:04 AM. We go to Q904 and find this mysterious string: DhytcDFbF5874/37875. Don’t be overwhelmed. You see the slash sign? This means we need to split the string. Let’s do a search on the first part: DhytcDFbF5874. We get 4 images. The first 3 belong to the very creepy website: Going through it, you’ll see you are in pure Satanism territory and that metaphysical information is distributed to people in the know under the disguise of fictional literature. Let’s analyze the respective sizes of these images. The first one is 721X1080 and you caught KiYRON=92=MYSTERY BABYLON and 92 is code for 9/11. Since 1080 is a generic vertical size and is shared by the image of the spirit, it’s not information-charged: we can drop it and focus on 721 which, when reduced, can be written 7(2+1) or 73 which equals SACRIFICE. The second image size is 918×692. The multiplication result is 635 256 which leads to 666. The third one is 900×902, which is code for (9+0+0)x(9+0+2)=9×11=>9/11. We deduce the message hidden in these 3 images is: 9/11 was a satanic sacrifice. This confirms what we found earlier.




The 4th image is linked to a BBC article about a “Nazi Grandma” given jail term for Holocaust denial. As you can see, the Holocaust cannot be scientifically analyzed. You have to believe it happened with the numbers they provide. If you don’t, you go to jail in certain countries. People can write research books about Jesus Christ and freely state what they think is true about him without any problem but the Holocaust? You’d better represent! What does that tell you when laws are passed to prevent scientific scrutiny? Now let’s search on the remaining numbers: 37875. It pulls in the Ridgid 37875 component. Big load of Peruvian Coffee for those who paid attention to the word Fed in the tweet and who linked it to the Federal Standard Color System! It’s the color description and communication system developed in 1956 by the US government. Here, we learn its origins reach back to military industrial issues during WW2. Going through this system, we discover 37 875 is the id for the color officially named “Aircraft White”. Holocaust? Nazi? Aircraft White? Ridgid? WW2? Can you solve? Yes: Hindenburg Rigid AirshipYouTube.




Now let’s analyze the capital letters: IF SM GDP Q. They add up to 91, value for MARK OF CAIN. Do you see this Q at the end? This is Q’s signature and another message is in all the other letters IF SM GDP=74 which is the value for A SACRIFICE. Now look at the numbers in the tweet: we have 1,3,4 and 5. Since Genesis is the first chapter of the Bible, the sequence 1,3,4,5 can be read Genesis 4:3-5. We open our Bible, Bingo! It’s about Cain and Abel’s sacrifices! Now we know the Brand of Sacrifice in Q1635 is related to Cain. It’s the MARK OF CAIN. And of course, you caught No Name is pulled in. Now you know, besides the bucks, where No Name’s thirst for blood really came from… WatchYouTube.

We have 1,3,4 and 5 in the tweet. Where is 2? Elliptic language: 2 is floating. Let’s juxtapose it to the 74 we identified, we get 742. Let’s go to Q742, 2nd line, we read: The Inner Circle which pulls in VJ, Huma and confirms the No Name connection through MB and ISIS. We also read Mika Brzezinski. We know her from Morning Joe but besides bleeding from face-lifts, she’s only relevant through her father. Let’s search “Brzezinski + Holocaust” in YT, we find an amazing video: watchYouTube. Our extremely creepy swamp creature of the day comments Hussein’s June 4 2009 speech in Cairo as if he wrote it himself. Cairo? Now you know why the Maestro pulled in Ilhan’s speech at CAIR. It was to confirm this Brzezinski interview about Hussein’s Cairo speech. Do you see it? Creepy Brzezinski confirms Hussein and is equating not believing in the 9/11 official narrative to denying the Holocaust. Now you know why the Holocaust Grandma was pulled in by the Q904 mysterious string.

Phew! I know right?! He warned us: Gold Ratings! Hahaha!

What clue did the Maestro hide in Cairo for our 9/11 hunt? To find out, we have to listen to Hussein’s archived official speech and what he had to say about 9/11. Should we listen to the whole speech? No, since the riddle provided the number 91 through the capital letters, you know what that means, let’s stay in context and use the 911 second mark as a starting point and the mirror 19:00 mark as an end point and see what we find. Listen very carefully until 19:00 Hussein quoted the Quran. He specifically quoted Sura 5 Verse 32. Now question: what are the odds that the 4 preceding verses are exclusively about Cain and Abel and they happen to be the only place in the Quran where this story is talked about. Img7PNG



Do you see it? With the training you have now received, you should be able to decipher Hussein’s inverted speech and understand he was promoting the BRAND OF SACRIFICE, the MARK OF CAIN we found in Q1635.

We went full circle.

Do you want to know how all this ties together? Let’s meet here in a few hours.

Q382 SATAN has left the WH. Q


Copy and paste the below text for a nice tweet!




#Qanon #SpyGate #FisaGate

why was the Q operation was necessitated in the first place,

ty .@realDonaldTrump #MAGA #MWGA

#TheStorm is here!!!

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Do you know this?!!! #Graham ask #Kavanaugh about #Military Tribunals related to 911 “State of Emergency” at Supreme Court confirmation hearing!!!

Senator Graham is officially off the Deep State roster, and highlighting the future events here for us at the Kaanaugh Supreme Court Hearings. Now the Supreme Court is sure to have the votes to reject any appeals while the swamp is being put on trial for treason and other civil crimes across our Nation.

Notice at the 2 minute mark the discussion turns to the “the law of armed conflict”

A permanent emergency: Trump becomes third president to renew extraordinary post-9/11 powers

WASHINGTON — President Trump has become the third president to renew a post-9/11 emergency proclamation, stretching what was supposed to be a temporary state of national emergency after the 2001 terror attacks into its 17th year.

USAToday Story Click here

A Google search “911 martial law sept 14 2001” revealing the USAToday article above and more…

Yes, America is Still in an Official State of Emergency

On September 11, 2001, the government declared a state of emergency. That declared state of emergency was formally put in writing on 9/14/2001:

“A national emergency exists by reason of the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center, New York, New York, and the Pentagon, and the continuing and immediate threat of further attacks on the United States.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, I hereby declare that the national emergency has existed since September 11, 2001 . . . .”

That declared state of emergency has continued in full force and effect from 9/11 [throughout the Bush administration] to the present.

On September 10 2009, President Obama continued the state of emergency:

The terrorist threat that led to the declaration on September 14, 2001, of a national emergency continues. For this reason, I have determined that it is necessary to continue in effect after September 14, 2009, the national emergency with respect to the terrorist threat.

Does a State of Emergency Really Mean Anything?

Does a state of emergency really mean anything?

Yes, it does:

The Washington Times wrote on September 18, 2001:

“Simply by proclaiming a national emergency on Friday, President Bush activated some 500 dormant legal provisions, including those allowing him to impose censorship and martial law.”

More of this story at Global Research Click Here

YouTube,video,QAnon, 8chan ,post ,update ,march ,22 ,2018



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Qanon Q/A thoughts on Moon landing Aliens, and 9/11

I have lifted this from the 8ch board as I think its good for review if you are somehow disappointed with the responses by Q also you may like my video where I go over some of the Q Q&A questions.

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Normies, think logically about the Q/Q&A.

FIRST – It is IMPORTANT to know that Q

could have easily predicted every question,

or even posted the questions he wanted to answer.

THEREFORE, the answers to those questions

would have been pre-written in advance. And they

would have been written to accomplish 5 goals…

1. Come across as off the cuff quick responses even

though they would have been carefully curated in advance.

2. Answer all questions without really answering by providing

a potential double meaning or code for an operation.

3. Successfully test the ability to scale the cloud hosting environment on the fly for a future reason [info drop].

4. Force MSM to ask more public questions about Q because

of the enhanced space “conspiracy” angle.

5. Assess the strength of the normie audience to use information to think rather than be used by information on how to think.

Lastly, Q doesn’t owe anyone anything.

Normies are demanding answers.

Normies are making assumptions about answers

Disinformation is an understanding for long time anons.

Q is not here to appease us.

Q is fighting a global system.

Q is not fighting you.

Be humble. Be patient. Be generous. Be kind.

But most of all, be logical and know your role.

We are here voluntarily.

We are here to serve not be served.

Otherwise this may not be the right place for you.


shhhhhh lets see if it becomes bread…

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( #SB2 decode of #Qanon ) #Trump’s #secret #message #about 9/11. There was a cover-up.

My reading of, and a few comments on, this amazing decode by #SerialBrain2 of #Qanon’s #Post on

Enjoy this video with the latest communications coming from Qanon as Decoded by SerialBrain2. 

Tweetable copy/paste

My reading of, and a few comments on, this amazing decode by





 #Trump's #secret #message about 9/11.

"There was a cover-up"
ty .@realdonaldtrump #MAGA .@enki74

My reading of, and a few comments on, this amazing decode by





#Trump’s #secret #message about 9/11.

“There was a cover-up”

YouTube,video,QAnon, 8chan ,post ,update ,march ,22 ,2018


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#SB2 #decodes #QAnon #Trump’s #secret #message #about 9/11. There was a cover-up.

My reading of, and a few comments on, this amazing decode by SerialBrain2 of #Qanon’s Post on

Enjoy this video with the latest communications coming from Qanon as Decoded by SerialBrain2. 

Congrats to everyone. We were able to transition and stay together despite their attempt to divide us and demoralize us. Q told us all this was going to happen. And when it happened, he posted Q2165.

911 coverup
911 coverup

As you can see, Q says they will fail. I told you the Alex Jones shutdown was a hoax. They did it with his complicity to target Q. Just like when a plane crashes and you are told it’s an accident… Analyze his stats before the shutdown and after. You’ll see before, they were diving. Like crazy. Why? Q. They could not afford to lose their controlled opposition leader who was advertised by no less than the witch herself, they had to do something… videoYouTube.

So you thought a “Bill is a rapist” tee-shirt is proof AJ was loyal to Trump? No. It was proof HRC told AJ where the trash can of the house was so she could stop smelling… Bill was already politically amortized so he could be used to take out the trash with AJ…

I’ll write about it. Don’t worry. Let’s move on for now.

Let’s open our Bible:

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Ephesians 6:12

What is the main implication of this verse? We are essentially told our enemies are spiritual. Mankind is attacked by dark spiritual entities coming from “heavenly realms” or, translated in modern language, from other dimensions.

Now look at the choice of words: “rulers”, “authorities”. The Bible informs us these entities are hierarchized and they aspire to rule us through their hierarchy. How? Through Government. These entities have infiltrated the Government we trust and are hoping to rule us using it. This infiltration is done through metaphysical mechanisms or rituals, documented and processed in Secret Societies, which are essentially temples or, if you have paid attention, hybrid soldier factories. Have you noticed the similarity between worship and war ship?

Q133 What is a temple? What occurs in a temple? Worship?

2 days ago, America celebrated the 9/11 anniversary and this gives me the opportunity to illustrate what I have just said and what Q is hinting at. Let’s watch the following video describing President Bush’s activities a few minutes before 9/11 happened. Let’s watch very carefully: videoYouTube

What are the odds? The kids are ordered to repeat the words KITE, HIT, STEEL, PLANE and MUST right before Bush is informed the 9/11 attacks began. There are other very powerful clues in this video like the reference to The Pet Goat and the slate behind Bush on which it is written “Reading Makes a Country Great”. A deep dive into these clues, Skull and Bones, Satanism and blood sacrifices will unveil the spiritual truth behind 9/11 for the sincere seekers…

Today, we are just going to focus on the exoteric component of 9/11, the way Trump honored the victims and the hidden messages he coded in his tweets for us to know his real thoughts about 9/11. Here are all the related communications made by Trump and Q during the day: Imgur1PNG

trump proclaims patriot day
trump proclaims patriot day

Let’s now listen to him when he gets back to the White House: link

In the morning, there was also this feud with Eric Holder, the Contortionist’s former AG. In response to this tweet where Trump quotes Lou Dobbs: Imgur2PNG, Holder starts by trying to look good with a first tweet, but 3 minutes later, triggered, he goes berserk and chants the generic leftist mantras with its set of magic keywords: LGBTQ, guns etc… Imgur3PNG

Do you think Trump dragged him in his 9/11 tweet shelves randomly? No. In this ABC article we learn the biggest controversy of Holder’s term as AG was his handling of the 9/11 masterminds’ legal case. The multiple hesitations of the Contortionists’ administration on the use of Military vs Civil Courts, invoking FAKE RULES and stonewalling are yet another illustration of how the US Government has betrayed the families of the 9/11 victims with the past two administrations before Trump. Notice how Holder cowardly runs away from the real issue and invokes the usual leftist fallback divinities… I am surprised he did not spice up his tweet with a pinch of racial issue here and gender equality there.


So that’s for the feud of the day and what is really behind it. Now let’s explore what Trump has coded in these 9/11 tweets. It’s fascinating. We are going to focus on the following 2 tweets: Imgur4PNG


Let’s start with the first one.


You know the drill. Capital letters: RG GREAT M NYC S H R TRUE WARRIOR = 342. Same gematria as YOU ARE ACCOMPLISHING GREAT THINGS. As you can see, Trump is confirming his satisfaction about Rudy’s work but now, he is using the present tense. This is key. It’s true Rudy is very much involved in advising Trump on the Mueller probe and other matters but the context of the tweet is a hint Rudy is still working on 9/11. As Trump’s Legal Adviser and former Mayor of New York, you have an idea on where he is going to take the ball. Those in the Administration who were supporting the 9/11 cover up better start packing, converting or saving money for good lawyers because this is going to get bloody very quick. I can tell you that… 🙂

Let’s analyze further. Let’s take a closer look at specific components of the tweet. Imgur5PNG First, TRUE WARRIOR=166. SEPTEMBER 11 can be re-written SEPTEMBER ELEVEN and it is observed its gematria is also 166. This is a hint we should “couple” these two components in some kind of way. Let’s look at the sentence: Rudy is a TRUE WARRIOR. This means there is an equivalency between [Rudy] and [a TRUE WARRIOR]. They are essentially the same. Why? Because unlike Bill, you and I know the definition of “is”. Now you will have to be very focused here because in the following proof, we will switch from mathematical identity to rhetorical identity indifferently. Since Rudy= 68, and Rudy “is” a TRUE WARRIOR, we deduce a TRUE WARRIOR = 68. Since a=1, we deduce TRUE WARRIOR = 67. Therefore, since SEPTEMBER ELEVEN = 166, TRUE WARRIOR + SEPTEMBER ELEVEN = 67 + 166 = 233. But 233 is also the gematria of GOVERNMENT COVER UP. So? We now have the formula: TRUE WARRIOR + SEPTEMBER ELEVEN = GOVERNMENT COVER UP. But then who is a TRUE WARRIOR? Yes, Rudy. The equation becomes: Rudy + SEPTEMBER ELEVEN = GOVERNMENT COVER UP. Translation: Rudy Giuliani is going to blow wide open the 9/11 cover up! This confirms what was decoded earlier and the present tense used in YOU ARE ACCOMPLISHING GREAT THINGS.

trump tweet "the 9/11 cover-up equation SB2 decodes Qanon
trump tweet “the 9/11 cover-up equation SB2 decodes Qanon

Now let’s look at the second tweet Imgur6PNG Since we can respectively write 17 and 11: SEVENTEEN and ELEVEN, the capital letters of the tweet are SEVENTEEN S ELEVEN. Gematria? Yes: 191. Same gematria as NINE ELEVEN MEMORIAL. Pretty cool right? This confirms the operation of transforming numbers to words and taking their gematria is solid and verified.

trump tweet "the 9/11 cover-up equation SB2 decodes Qanon
trump tweet “the 9/11 cover-up equation SB2 decodes Qanon

Ready for more? Why is Trump saying something as obvious as “17 years since September 11th!”? Yes, he is confirming Q=17 but he is also hinting at something else. He is giving us this clue: 2018=2001+17. Let’s go back to the Rudy tweet and analyze its timestamp: 7:59 AM – 11 Sep 2018. If we use the clue Trump is giving we can write it: 7:59 AM – 11 Sep 2001 Q. But then, if you observe that 7=G, 5=E and 9=I, the timestamp can be re-written GEI AM – 11 Sep 2001 Q. Now let’s stop here. Do you see it? Look at the first 5 letters. Rearrange them and you get IMAGE. So the timestamp is essentially saying IMAGE 11 Sep 2001 Q. Next step? We go to Q board and look for his 9/11 image. And here it is, it was posted in Q2147: Imgur7PNG As you can see, Q also gave us some context information through Q2149: the Military and Patriotism.

q post 9/11 image in 2147 and 2 links q2149
q post 9/11 image in 2147 and 2 links q2149

Now let’s save this image and look at its dimension. Imgur8PNG We see it’s 275 pixels by 183 pixels. These 2 numbers are the additional information needed to go further. Let’s add them, we get 458. To solve this, you need to look at the context and Q2149 already gave you Military and Patriotism. What is the gematria of WE MUST STOP BEING MANIPULATED TO GO TO WAR? Yes, 458. This is the final hidden component Trump coded in this tweet and it confirms the cover up that was decoded earlier.

Trump tweet timestamp connects to the relevant Q image
Trump tweet timestamp connects to the relevant Q image

You can now read Trump’s 9/11 hidden message here: Imgur9PNG

Trumps 9/11 hidden message We Must stop being manipulated to go to war
Trumps 9/11 hidden message
We Must stop being manipulated to go to war


9/11 was an operation conducted by the enemies of America hidden in Secret Societies and in the highest levels of our Government. In addition to its evil spiritual component, the motivation was to manipulate public opinion to go to war. Since the perpetrators were in positions of power, the 9/11 cover-up was subsequently easy to implement, leaving the families of the victims in deep distress and with little to no hope of seeing Justice ever be done. Until Trump. He has instructed Rudy Giuliani to quietly do what is required to ultimately expose the most scandalous cover-up in our history and finally bring the perpetrators to justice.

Q307 Who financed 9-11? Who was Bin Laden’s handler? Why was the Clowns In America tasked to hunt/kill/capture UBL? Why not MI? If we found UBL, eliminated his security, why would we immediately kill him and not take him alive? Why wouldn’t we want to capture UBL alive and extract other possible T-level events? Perhaps someday people will understand ‘they’ had a plan to conduct ‘another’ mass extinction event. Q

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HRC 2.12.09 Very BAD! Q


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#QAnon of #8Chan says… Video on this tonight!

#HRC 2.12.09 Very BAD! Q

#Beverly #Eckert killed at 10:17 p.m. EST on #Colgan #Air #Flight 3407 



Beverly Eckert 9-11 husband killed lawsuit government HRC
Beverly Eckert 9-11 husband killed lawsuit government HRC qresearch res 826254.html Anonymous 03-28-18 (Wed) 22:55:00 93e5c9 No.826537 qresearch res 826254.html Anonymous 03-28-18 (Wed) 22:55:00 93e5c9 No.826537 qresearch res 825523.html#825929 Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 03-28-18 (Wed) 22:17:17 23de7f No.825929 qresearch res 825523.html#825929 Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 03-28-18 (Wed) 22:17:17 23de7f No.825929
Beverly Eckert 9-11 husband killed lawsuit government HRC
Beverly Eckert 9-11 husband killed lawsuit government HRC


ABove tweetwable!!


Below from WikiPedia qresearch res 826254.html Anonymous 03-28-18 (Wed) 22:55:00 93e5c9 No.826537 qresearch res 826254.html Anonymous 03-28-18 (Wed) 22:55:00 93e5c9 No.826537


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