#SMBStories video Contest Vote for TinyTexasHouses every day!!!

Vote Early and Vote often!!! Vote everyday OK? So save link to this page in an email to yourself or in a file!! Click it everyday!! 


Small Business Stories Video Contest #smbstories #tinytexashouses
Small Business Stories Video Contest #smbstories #tinytexashouses #godaddy

Vote for Tiny Texas Houses video as a inspiring tiny video of business model that will save a national resource

“The Largest old growth forest in the world”

Part one

part 2

Here is how 1 2 3

1 click here log in either by fb twitter or typing in your information


2 click here a second time and hit the vote button


3. after that you should see this screen with voted having been checked 

vote every day at this link!!! https://theaudienceawards.com/films/pure-salvage-living-129479


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