Oroville Dam break likely if rain continues and Exposing the Paid Hater Ring

Oroville dam holding back Lake Oroville will likely fail if rain continues. Lake Oroville will continue to erode the secondary or emergency spillway and undermine the retaining wall. So can or will the weather manipulators step in? Have the geoengineering group already done there dirty work or is this simply an act of nature?

Check the Oroville Weather HERE  calling for 100% chance of rain on Thursday at 12 pm

Possible solution I would think is to use new innovative concrete know as MagCrete.  Tiny Texas Houses is doing some testing with this product now with the help of Jerry Rademan at PremierMagnesia.com . The unique properties of the Magnesium based concrete (same as used by the Romans) is much harder dries faster and can also be formulated to harden while in water.  Perhaps we can all help get this proposal to the White House and President Trump to take a look at as possible solution?



george soros funded groups hiring paid protesters and possibly paid haters online
george soros funded groups hiring paid protesters and possibly paid haters online

So to the second and related topic the “Paid Hater Ring” likly funded by a Gearge Soros fund appears to be in full swing.  As I was one of first to report the Oroville dam break my youtube and blog page recieved a lot of internet traffic (Thanks to the new fans and subscribers). Along with this new found notoriety has come unbelievable amount of “haters” that appear to not have any followers or content in many cases on there Youtube or Twitter accounts.  Calling my story fake news these haters are committing a crime of defamation “the action of damaging the good reputation of someone; slander or libel” not only that they are putting peoples lives at risk by stating that my story is “Fake News” What I am finding on my Youtube and my twitter accounts is that if one is supporting the President Trump or even just spreading the word about current news events faster and better than the alpahbet soup MSM news then one becomes a target of the possible “Paid Hater Ring”.  If you have experienced the same send me your list of “haters” and I will continue to forward them to the appropriate authorities, and perhaps to begin to compile the list here.  As this list is compiled and correlated we can find majority of the members.  If you disagree or find an error in whats being said here or on my youtube or twitter accounts feel free to comment as you wish however if your only a hater and making false or defaming you will be added to the list.  Its time for all good people to stand up against this global agenda and take our country and our rights back, it may be our best and last opportunity

Link describing other earthen dam failures and common problem of spillway failure.



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