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5 thoughts on “3eb555e306fe3a586413e325f15adf97bd00b39eb6234345678b6844ad4fbb2e”

  1. I guess the board was compromised last week. Dr. C. was angry about the socialist comments, as well as the pics. He is an honorable man and has been blacklisted for being a patriot for decades. You know the saying, no good deed goes unpunished? I think he is just frustrated with the lack of justice in a timely manner. Peace.

    1. Kathy he is doing bidding of Alex at this point, and Alex and his Syrian tyrant the other day together with his latest video only confirm there is a problem at Infowars and I think it’s Q

    2. Btw board not compromised, this is dis info or just ignorance on JC part, I attempted to make it clear for him he blocked me on Twitter

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