A story off the 8kun board some real history up to the moment info here.


If you haven’t been here since the start, then you might not completely understand what’s really going on. Thanks to current BO, FJ, you all should (if you don’t already) know that Jim did, indeed, plan to have anons migrate off this board. The reason for this was “after Q”, he needed people to start using /newsplus/. If you don’t know what /newsplus/ is, go check it out. Jim’s taking on the news orgs with the idea of citizen journalism and discussion. Gee, I wonder where that idea came from, huh?


>>12650358 (lb) https://8kun .top/qresearch/res/12649897.html#12650358

Pay attention:

-Frederick Brennan (Hotwheels) the original owner of this site handed it over to Jim for financial backing. In those days, moderation was extremely lax. By extremely lax, I mean the type of stuff that was posted and allowed on this board ranged from illegal to honeypot to legal porn.

-Q shows up on 4chan, and the subsequent migrations led it to 8ch.net (“here”).

-Fred made a post showing everyone the big gigantic “Q” he got in his apartment; despite there being “no video footage of the people coming in and out of his gated community” where he lived in Philippines.

-Channers saw that as a very clear indication that “Q” was legit.

-This place took right the fuck off, and Q started swelling significantly.

-Throughout the drops, it became very obvious that Q was either legit, or someone that was exceptionally versed in getting open source information to build an extremely convincing narrative.

-Some of the photos/proofs posted would have to be nearly impossible to get unless you were on AF1, riding down runways in China, or working in the OO.

-This movement proceeds and anons are highly confident that Q isn’t just legit, it’s the coming of a new era in our great Republic.

-Ron becomes a little more active in the movement as it’s now the bread and butter of 8ch. I mean, not too many people hang around /zoo/ or /wx/, sooo…

-At some point, the site went down for 93 days. During this time, Jim, Ron, and Fred came to the USA. Jim gave a congressional testimony, and shortly after that, 8chan went through several iterations to get it back on line; eventually ending up on a “.top” domain with Vanwatech as the 3DNS solution to help keep it online.

-Ron started his own bitcoin, susucoin, and used this platform to push it.

-Ron cranked up Odin on this site, despite never officially announcing he had, and it worked pretty well. It stabilized this place, and it became very difficult to keep it offline via DDOS.

-Kayfabe between Fred and Jim seemed to be fueling a lot of the attacks on the site.

-Fred tried to tell people over and over that not only does Jim own this site, but also qmap.pub (which, after he told everyone about that and proved Jim did own the site, it went offline).

-Jim said we’d be gone after November in a conversation with one of his admins.

-That conversation was dropped on this board by FJ to keep anons informed of what was going on. It was mostly ignored.

-Lots of other fuckery happened, and anime poster (who never left) came “back” and started being a regular in baking and other shillery.

-The shills here that constantly fight anons? Some of them run lots of various other chans on the DW and clearnet (see point above), and they know Jim, and know things ABOUT Jim; or at least that’s what they chat about on the DW…

Pillow hacker
Pillow hacker

-The 20th happens, Biden is sworn in, and one of Jim’s employees (BV that went by Pillow) decides to start wiping the board.

-All that wonderful reliability and performance the site had before vanishes. 502 errors and other errors instantly come back.

-FJ tosses his hands in the air over twitter, and outs Jim and the employee.

-8Bit (and FJ?) get shit back up and running.

-Ron takes to tele and makes this post.

-Anons are scratching their dicks/pussies and wondering if the Q stuff was real, or all a very elaborate hoax to get traffic to this site.

-Lots of indications that the plan is still in effect, but perhaps the next steps are to get anons to “move on” from here and do “Q” stuff in real life and on social media, but don’t be so fucking stupid as to get yourself banned on platforms by being a fucking sperg bot with hashtags and images that are easily discernible by AI.

-In case you didn’t read some of the items above, it looks like Jim wants us to migrate off his platform. We should do that. Like, right now.

-Q has gone away, but the plan is still in motion.

-Anons on 8kun’s chapter in the plan is over.

-The anons still left on here are holding out for some datefagging on the 31st as per some Gen Flynn post on Parler.

-Any anons on this board, specifically, after Jan 31st, are either newfags just finding this place, or extremely stubborn hopefags waiting for “Q” to give them the go ahead to leave the site. 

I think that about covers it. Use your common sense to fill in whatever other gaps you have. You can waste your time watching Jim make Bible scripture reading youtube videos or interviewing people like Cynthia McKinney, or you can go and do your own thing and live your life like a normal person that isn’t addicted to chans.



If you access this site with Tor, you aren’t protected unless your security settings are set to “Safest”. You also can’t post when you do that. Is this really and truly an anonymous free speech board if that’s the case?

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Message from Jim Watkins concerning the ‘global board volunteer’ that ‘snapped’ and deleted QResearch then banned everybody

Message from Jim Watkins concerning the ‘global board volunteer’ that ‘snapped’ and deleted QResearch then banned everybody
Jim Watkins






Qresearch has been recovered. There was some gossip that it was my staff that did that. However it was just an anon that got a wild hair who had been a global volunteer for a long while. Who knows when someone will snap? I recommend people stick together in times of trouble. There is no power in splintering, and giving up. That is not the American way. Be indivisible.

Tell people if there are problems that I am on gab. I have a few other social platforms but I don’t know if they will be deleted. I have a feeling Gab is going to the big times. I will keep this handle.


8Kun Down Full Story here


Video of 8kun down story




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QAnon Research board 8kun HACKED!!! by “Pillow Hacker”

Q takes a blow by the “Pillow Hacker” Takes down Q-Research Board




This is the current view on the 8kun catalog

and the letter left by the hacker

As I write this I don’t yet know if some big happening is going to go through, if THE PLAN will actually yield anything or if I am actually going through with my little operation as a matter of fact I don’t even know how far my operation will go, how much will I be able to delete, erase and how many will read my words.

Nonetheless, unlike you gigantic cucks I am willing to take this risk, to be a thorn in your side or at least a pebble in your shoe, as I trust Jim the absolute cunt himself to be more than able to do a server rollback or something to that extent… assuming his limp dick has any capacity of competence.


Hello! My name is Pillow!

You may know me as the guy who completely purged /interracial/, forcing those degenerates off this site!

To my surprise, my many deleted threads and permanent bans (site wise) went unnoticed and/or unpunished, I was never even contacted for them which I liked to think was endorsment, though it did force the owner of said board to fuck off seething while accusing me of pedophilia.

Then, came the whole election business, what a nasty thing that was, right?

And you fuckers oh man you blew it didntcha?

Pence first, that Judas… then Trump, I mean come on, that fucking list of pardons is so pitiful he could’ve just done nothing.


If I am even slightly succesful, you may have realized that a some of this board’s fine threads (read: all of them) have been deleted some of you are permanently banned from the entirety of the site… worry not, dear anons, it is not a glitch nor a bug… ’tis but a feature!

For I take a stance, today I raise my middle finger and finally leave the rotten husk of 8chan (not kun) behind, finally I give up… but unlike your leader, I will actually try to strike a blow at those that wronged me.


This site, man.

After 4chan, at the exodus from the whole GamerGate bit… I was there, as the site was getting its boards up, with Hotwheels (the now fat furry who fucks ladyboys) at the helm, Literally Who getting insulted, Anita being a hag… it was wonderful.

Not as fast as 4chan but the niches were great, the rules fairly lax, we had our fun didn’t we?

Well no, you didn’t, because you’re new, you’re the cancer that attached itself to something great: all the people I cherished left and the garbage that is you is all that remains… 8kun, are you fucking kidding me Jim?

All these disclaimers, what the hell?

Embrace infamy was our motto, now you’re cucking out hardcore for optics, towards people that want you dead.

Here’s a disclaimer for you: fellate a gun.


You destroyed something that was a rebellion, something that was great, something that we created… you attached yourself to our fucking movement like ticks, we had even had our fun with Trump but your autism, your delusion couldn’t allow you to do anything new, no, you attached yourself to a fucking TRIPFAG to Trust The Plan and do NOTHING.

Q made you do NOTHING, he didn’t NEED for you to dig documents, he didn’t have you support Trump, he just kept you calm and sedated, even Gamergate, as hard as it fell, had people uncover so much shit, even during Trump’s campaign did we uncover so much dirt they had to invent a whole new “fact” checking system to keep us at bay… what have you done as of late, beside waiting for things to get better?


So this is my final fuck you, personal for all of you garbage people, from the very deep bottom of my heart.

Fuck you, newfags and boomers: you should’ve lurked more but as always you were too arrogant to understand how chan culture works.

Fuck you, Hotwheels: no different than m00t, here’s hoping you’ll fall down a flight of stairs for stabbing us in the back too.

Fuck you, Jim: your incompetence was beyond anything I’ve seen, as the site was falling down you constantly fucked up every step of the way.


Ron… well, sorry buddy!

I guess you made a bad choice getting me in, right?

Or maybe you should’ve actually removed /leftypol/ and other such garbage boards, seeing as the entire site was dying in front of your eyes because these boards were actively attacking it from within.


By the way, this is not a punch to your face to strike you down, you poor dumb cattle that you are… no, consider this more a shaft up your ass to wake you up.

Because to me, 8chan is dead and so I do not care to lose this oh so prestigious position as its global

And just as my dear site that I love so very much is dead, so is your country that you wished to bring to a Golden Age is instead dead and buried… maybe you too should not care about losing your oh so great rights, for very soon you will lose them, be defanged and then slowly killed.


Welcome to 8chan, the Darkest Reaches of the Internet, you fags

Embrace infamy or die a coward





An Anon leaves there sentiments….




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Black Lives Matter Activist Took Part in Storming of Capitol


us-politics ELECTION-capitol-vote-demonstration
Rubble is seen near a breached entrance a day after a pro-Trump mob broke into the US Capitol on January 7, 2021, in Washington, DC. (Photo by Brendan Smialowski / AFP) (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)


See story here….

Black Lives Matter Activist Took Part in Storming of Capitol

A Black Lives Matter activist was part of the group that entered the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

John Earle Sullivan, who has advocated for an armed revolution on social media, was arrested in July 2020 for making a threat of violence and criminal mischief. He organized a protest with Black Lives Matter activists and members of the far-left Antifa network. According to the Deseret News, Sullivan damaged vehicles and urged people to block roadways. Video footage captured him threatening to beat a woman.

Photographs showed Sullivan inside the Capitol in Washington on Jan. 6. Sullivan has since given interviews claiming he took part in the illegal breach of the building as part of an effort to understand supporters of President Donald Trump.

“For me, it’s important from the group and the people around me to see that side of things, to see the truth,” Sullivan told KSL-TV. “I don’t care, like what side you’re on, you should just see it raw.”

Sullivan has not been charged with unlawful entry or any other charges that police say other people who entered the building face. His picture is not among those circulated by authorities of persons of interest in the incident. Sullivan said he was detained on Thursday night and questioned about what he saw during the storming of the Capitol. The Metropolitan Police Department didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Police said Thursday that 68 people had been arrested in the city, including 41 on Capitol grounds. Charges included unlawful entry and unlawful possession of a firearm, according to arrest data.

“Protesters weren’t really, like, trying to burn anything down, they weren’t really trying to break anything, their main motive was to make it into the chambers,” Sullivan told KUTV. “Those protesters got really angry and busted through those officers really quickly, and yeah, you could really freely move around, you could go into any room and look out the window, so it was really surreal to see,” he added.

Sullivan recounted being near the woman who was shot dead by a U.S. Capitol Police officer.

“There was a glass wall, and she, the woman, was the first person to actually try to get inside,” Sullivan told KSL. “All you see is hands come out the doorways with their guns. … You don’t see their face, nothing. And I literally yell at everybody else, ‘There’s a gun! There’s a gun! Don’t go in there!’ And a shot goes off. And she gets shot as soon as she goes through.”

The U.S. Capitol Police said Thursday that one of its officers fired the shot that killed the woman, identified as Ashli Babbitt.

The officer was placed on administrative leave pending a joint investigation conducted by the agency and the Metropolitan Police Department.

Other people who stormed the Capitol have been identified as supporters of President Donald Trump. That includes Rick Saccone, a former member of the House of Representatives, Derrick Evans, a member of the West Virginia House of Delegates, and Kristina Malimon, part of the Young Republicans of Oregon’s leadership.

Sullivan’s arrest in Provo



Sullivan is part of the Insurgence USA group, according to a police affidavit.

“Protesters traveled through downtown Provo. The protesters did not obtain a permit for the event,” the affidavit states. “John Sullivan and Insurgence USA had social media postings promoting other protesters to join them.”

Between 80 and 100 people were part of the protest.

“The protest traveled on the roadways blocking motorists who have the right of way. John Sullivan blocked vehicles from freely moving lawfully. During the course of the protest, two handguns were brandished and two shots fired toward a motorist traveling to Home Depot. Vehicles were damaged by protestors as well as by John Sullivan,” the affidavit states.

“As a protest organizer John Sullivan is heard and seen as he is promoting protesters to block roadways, keeping motorists from traveling lawfully and freely.”

Sullivan was also captured on video threatening to beat a woman in an SUV, according to the affidavit, and then kicking her door, leaving a dent.

Sullivan was seen with Jesse Taggart — the man charged with shooting the motorist — throughout the protest, the affidavit states.

“As a protest organizer, John Sullivan is heard talking about seeing the shooting, looking at the gun and seeing smoke coming from it. John did not condemn the attempted murder nor attempt to stop it nor aide in its investigation by police.”

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Alex Jones on Lin Wood “People always like the crazy stories” ??? What???

The Lin Wood Tweet storm has been very rich with subject matter, one of the most interesting i the Isaac Kappy story being brought forward again in this short interaction with Alex Jones he seems to ride the fence a bit??? Wondering?? What do you think about his response?

I think he was caught off guard on the subject first he stalls with question about Kappy? He knows who Kappy is im sure as he interviewed him. he then denigrated it as “Crazy Stuff”

#LinWood #AlexJones #IsaacKappy
#IsaacKappy #linwoods #infowars #alexjones #Jan6

LinWood ,AlexJones ,IsaacKappy
,linwoods ,infowars ,alexjones ,Jan6

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Kappy Is In The Portal Edition Lin Wood time!!!

Its time folks….


If asked to turn over the encryption key & other information I have to law enforcement, I will only agree to provide it directly to @realDonaldTrump , @GenFlynn or @SidneyPowell1 . I trust them. Again, please pray for my family. Thank you. – Lin Folded hands Red heart Flag of United States

Memo warns Attorney General Jeff Sessions of VP Pence and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi after Minnesota court rules on international child trafficking evidence

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