Qanon Post Updates available here

Hello anons of Q anon on 8 chan, proudly serving at the pleasure of the POTUS. This site will soon be providing a “News Flash” with Q Anon post updates and notable post review. AEupdate

The new RSS feed has been submitted for review and is titled Q Anon Q research look for it in the skills section of news and add it to your morning news brief!

I’m working out the details of the rss feed to include audio and video for those using a new app on devices with screen.

Please provide any feedback here on the blog post comments section.

Things are moving faster and faster in the Q world and this service should make the Q information available to a new audience as currently there are no news sources on this service for the Q information disimintation program.

Have a great day and look for updates here any questions leave at bottom of this post.

Feed for ahijackedlife can be found at


Thanks all,


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