Notable Post 11:24 pm november 26 2018

Hello Q Army…. this is Will….. bringing you… my first attempt at an Alexa “Flash Briefing” of Notable Post.  You can find it, in the Skills Section of Alexa under “Q” “Research“, Stay tuned… MSNBC anchors rekt by their own reporter @ migrant caravan site.  Will the Banhammer get Tucker? Twatter banned Jesse Kelly, once warned Tuck, Comey “exploring” options with a subpoena. One problem, it’s a SUBPOENA. RALLY PICS: Lil Patriot gets LIT for Potus and a nice Q spotting. Kek. Vatican Still pushing for Climate Change funds, shilling for the U.N Migrants? ImmunoGen (cancer treatment) Announces Resignation of Chief Financial Officer

Unsealed today: Former California State Assemblyman Indicted For Fraud

 Christine Blasey Ford: ‘I Am Grateful To Have Had The Opportunity To Fulfill My Civic Duty’

WL email from 2010 about AUS international adoption from Ethiopia and the huge abuses in the KOALA HOUSE.

Graphic: Planefag compiles some ‘dasting call signs from today

Dershowitz wants you to believe Mueller report will ‘devastate’ POTUS

Some Caravan Migrants Return Home Fearing Violent Clashes at U.S. Border

 Law & Order: ~130 Chicago Schools Employees Canned after Bkgd Checks

Trust (((Roths)))? Statement assures us “No slavery/trafficking here!”

“Centrist” Dems play ‘Let’s make a deal’ with Nancy Pelosi

 Statement from Commissioner McAleenan on Incident at San Ysidro

 U.S. prosecutors fight effort to unseal Assange charges


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