Qanon “How do you catch a Fish?” Hook Bait , Fraud charges a placeholder for more indictments?

Anons are “digging” into theories on the Fish post by Q below and how it ties into the voter fraud also a number of Q’s  recent “placeholder” post on

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.426
The Senate was the target.
Corker + Flake removed.
How do you catch a FISH?
Mission forward.
These people are stupid.
Anon theory on Placeholder

80b9e7 (1)  No.3859029>>3859305 >>3859354 >>3859533



Just my theory regarding ‘How do you catch a FISH -> USE BAIT instead of with a hook

The capitalized sentence “YOU ARE WITNESSING THE SYSTEMATIC DESTRUCTION OF THE OLD GUARD” from 11/9/18 was also in Q2296 from 9/28/18 about the Democrat’s Playbook for Midterm Elections. This is also where [BAIT] is defined as ‘LIBERAL LEFT LUNACY’ of impeaching Justice K should they take control of the HOUSE.

From Q2249 we see that ‘Use BAIT’ refers to the question ‘How do you catch a FISH?’ which appeared recently in Q2446 where Q tells us The Senate was the Target as well as getting Corker + Flake removed.

In summary it seems like ‘losing’ the HOUSE to the D’s was actually part of the plan. To use the desire to impeach Kavanaugh as [BAIT].

Justice K is such a clear cut issue that Q used/is using it as bait so that all the bad actors out themselves. To catch a FISH. Because only by being on the D’s side can you agree with the impeachment of him because there is zero corroborating evidence and all factual witnesses provided by CBF all denied allegations.

Q is trying to tell us that the midterms are safe. The senate was the goal and we let them think they’ve won the house so they take the bait and rush to impeach Justice K. Once the fish are hooked by the bait the forced exposure (DECLAS) of FISA will bring down the HOUSE and voter fraud cases will be completed.

The Fish / Hook used in Trumps tweets


The Place Holder???


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2 thoughts on “Qanon “How do you catch a Fish?” Hook Bait , Fraud charges a placeholder for more indictments?”

  1. “Q” is a reference to QAnon, a group of people attempting to decode vague, anonymous¬†comments posted on dark web message boards such as han and han. It’s also been called “The Storm” and linked to conspiracy theory Pizzagate, that prompted a 28-year-old man to open fire inside a D.C. pizza shop .¬†¬†

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