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Reddit Premium Coat of Arms:
As found on Reddit


Quarterly 1st and 4th Argent a Planet Orangered Ringed Or in Triune
a Flower of Sixteen Petals of the Second
2nd and 3rd of the Second a Medal of the Order of Reddit Gold of the Third Pentaform Embossed Void a Mullet of Five
a Piece of Cake Proper in Triune garnished of a Strawberry Gules
Overall in Inescutcheon Roundel of the Second a Snoo Head caboshed Voided of the First
Overall in and issuant from Chief an Upvote of the Third diapered Masoned, in Zenith an Eye surrounded by a Glory proper;
Mantling First and Periwinkle
For a Crest, a Narwhal naiant of the Fifth tusked of the First;
For supporters Dexter a Cat rampant of the Third Sinister a Doge rampant of the Third The Motto "Memento Humani" in compartment to base



Trump Rally Trump live now oct 2 2018 7pm est


Q Prediction 2 democrate’s will vote for Kavanaugh

#KavanaughHearings #Kavanaugh #KavanaughVote Q Prediction #Qanon #QArmy
#KavanaughHearings #Kavanaugh #KavanaughVote Q Prediction
#Qanon #QArmy


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