#SerialBrain2 Nothing to See Here. What does Q mean?


Someone sent me a message asking me to give my explanation of what Q means when he says “Nothing to See Here”.

I told him it’s about censorship and in this post, I will give you the details.

Censorship is a serious issue. It’s also a sad one. But would you believe I can talk about it and make you laugh for a second?

Many of you know that in addition to posting on VOAT, I still post my new posts and communications on my personal reddit page, for my personal use. I am patiently waiting for reddit to ban me from reddit for no reason so we can have our headline: “Reddit bans SerialBrain2 for no reason”. 😉 In the meantime, I am witnessing the funniest things: first, the censor agents sent to me are so used to blindly downvote my past public posts to artificially prevent them from getting to the first page of the sub, that they still come and downvote my personal posts on my personal page, where there is no implication! Second, and this is the most hilarious thing: they file reports on my own posts… to me! Of course, I automatically ignore them and, I must admit, it’s a lot of fun. 🙂

Q2164 These people are STUPID. FISA GOES BOTH WAYS. + HOOAH! Q

Then, you have the one who comes in, comments, upvotes his own comment +50 times to be on top of the comment list and become visible and downvotes the opposing comments -40 times to put them in the “Nothing to See Here” drawer! After he is warned his manipulations could cause him to lose the right to contribute, it immediately stops. Look at this conversation where one of them is deflecting from acknowledging I accurately decoded Trump’s order to declassify FISA before he did: Img1PNG

As you can see, here are people who hate Q and hate my publications but cannot refrain from regularly coming to visit my personal page (sometimes multiple times per day), file reports and be very active throughout the comment section even though my posts only show on my personal page!

Q2164 These people are STUPID.

Now let’s talk about “Nothing to See Here”. It’s a line Q uses several times throughout the board. He used it the first time on 08/03/2018 in Q1807:


Do you see how the date correlates the number of the post? With the training you have received, I am sure many of you can solve this and find the right operator to apply to the date. (Solution: Inversion[.,-,[.-.1/10];18]). Img2PNG

. Now what is the gematria of this 16 letter string? Yes 187. Placed at Q1807? Coincidence? Q has made not 1, not 2 but 3 correlations between Nothing to See Here and 187: through gematria, through the post number and through the date. This insistence on 187 is a clue Q is giving us about the meaning of the letter string. We all know 187 means murder. But who or what is murdered? The answer is in Q1984. Img3PNG

As you can see, Q placed this “Nothing to See Here” in Q1984 because he is hinting at the famous George Orwell dystopian novel 1984. The google search on Qanon image with its manipulated results is referring to the censorship described in the book, Big Brother watching you using major tech companies and finally, all the related oppression of the Orwellian State.

I am telling you folks, this Q board is pure beauty…

Now, let’s take a closer look at Q1984. What is Q hinting at with his name in the Google’s search box? To answer this question, you need to ponder upon what the name QAnon really means for you. It may mean 99 different things from 1 person to the next but what is the main difference between QAnon and Google when it comes to information material? Look at these drops:

Q849 Biggest intel drop in our known history. Q
Q1498 Critical thinking. Q
Q1176 Think logically. Q

QAnon is all about transparency, disclosing the truth and encouraging people to use critical thinking to reach their own personal conclusions while Google is about running algorithms to suppress information and unify opinions through propaganda and police state strategies. So? Do you now see the symbolism here? This QAnon in the Google’s search box is their attempt to imprison our minds, destroy our capabilities to think critically and make us accept their bogus narratives about everything. You now know what they are trying to 187 and why Q started using “Nothing to See Here” in Q1807: they are trying to 187 our minds and our right to have our own opinions.

Now why do you think Q capitalized N, S and H and did not capitalize T? This is because NSH=41=BLIND and T=100=SEE in jewish gematria. So? If you have I’s, you will see the HINTS above, below, on the left, on the right and your QANON=61 experience will be complete! Peruvian Coffee for all those who have found delectation in what I have just explained!




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