Qanon Q/A thoughts on Moon landing Aliens, and 9/11

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I have lifted this from the 8ch board as I think its good for review if you are somehow disappointed with the responses by Q also you may like my video where I go over some of the Q Q&A questions.

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Normies, think logically about the Q/Q&A.

FIRST – It is IMPORTANT to know that Q

could have easily predicted every question,

or even posted the questions he wanted to answer.

THEREFORE, the answers to those questions

would have been pre-written in advance. And they

would have been written to accomplish 5 goals…

1. Come across as off the cuff quick responses even

though they would have been carefully curated in advance.

2. Answer all questions without really answering by providing

a potential double meaning or code for an operation.

3. Successfully test the ability to scale the cloud hosting environment on the fly for a future reason [info drop].

4. Force MSM to ask more public questions about Q because

of the enhanced space “conspiracy” angle.

5. Assess the strength of the normie audience to use information to think rather than be used by information on how to think.

Lastly, Q doesn’t owe anyone anything.

Normies are demanding answers.

Normies are making assumptions about answers

Disinformation is an understanding for long time anons.

Q is not here to appease us.

Q is fighting a global system.

Q is not fighting you.

Be humble. Be patient. Be generous. Be kind.

But most of all, be logical and know your role.

We are here voluntarily.

We are here to serve not be served.

Otherwise this may not be the right place for you.


shhhhhh lets see if it becomes bread…

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