Trump Rally Billings Montana has commi escorted out!!! aka Flannel boi

Something odd with this guy at the Billings Montana Trump Rally last night, & his two cohorts on the right, #Flannel guy keeps pointing to a sticker on his shirt escorted out shorty after.





No Sticker 21 20 of 92 min



Democratic Socialist sticker on his shirt
Democratic Socialist sticker on his shirt

The kid removed from Trump rally in Montana is Tyler Linfesty from Billings, MT – Democratic Socialists of America . . . Commie. He put a Democratic Socialist sticker on his shirt. The girl is possibly Melody Khorrami. The other guy was possibly Jamy Harris. I found this information on Twitter by a guy’s son that knows Tyler. As for the other two names – friends of Tyler’s on Facebook!

#MontanaRally #TrumpMontana #MAGArally #QAnon #8chan #NEWS

ty @realDonaldTrump #MAGA

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