#Qanon #Post #Today #Latest Q says Something Big is About to Drop!!!

POTUS45 has already passed the underacted documents to Congressional leaders and now to be given to the people?  Is this it the beginning of the end for the “Evil Cabal”???

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2 thoughts on “#Qanon #Post #Today #Latest Q says Something Big is About to Drop!!!”

  1. I have worked for a certain Hotel and Real Estate organization for 20 years. I have decided to release some information about the “team”. Every location is an outpost for trading of humans and drugs through an complex net work. At one time we had an airline that could help transport our various forms of cargo. That airline was secretly closed down by the FAA with us giving economic reasons for the closing.
    The reason for the separation of illegal immigrants from children was to gain access to more children quicker using the DOJ and Home Security as the “necessary” reason for the separation. The real reason was to recruit more children to be shared with our Russian friends who through various means have found ways to cash in on these children. Putin currently has $65 billion dollars stashed away through out western countries. Much of shared by our friends in Washington.
    I am breaking my silence risking my life just to place this information on the web. Who you think is the cabal is actually not the enemy but a victim. Of Russia and let’s say friends of Vlad in western high places.
    More to come.

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