What if you found out that the Royalty of the UK were actually German?

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An Anonymous post here outlining much of what is being uncovered by the Qanon team.  It’s coming down to A World order with their image of “Satan”.  What if I told you these groups of people are irrevocably tied to the assassination of JFK? All for control over YOU? How long have they owned us!?

Wethepeople q research Great Awakening
Wethepeople q research Great Awakening

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I have a crumb for you.

What if you found out that the Royalty of the UK were actually German? What if you found out that the real Zionists are the royal families that have deceived the denizens of the UK for centuries? What if you found out that they illegitimately stole land from the Philistines (eventually the Palestinians) to setup Israel for those that IMPERSONATE the real Jews? What if I told you that the entirety of rogue nations with nukes was orchestrated by the fake Jews (Roths, Soros, etc) to entrap the USA (the only nation with the resources/power to undo the evil doers) into perpetual wars for their profit, gain, and eventual establishment of the world order in their image of “Satan”? What if I told you these groups of people are irrevocably tied to the assassination of JFK? All for control over YOU? How long have they owned us!?

What if what we’re seeing is the dismantling of all that? I know of ton of you got riled up (in a bad way) when Q made his post about Bibi’s intelligence report. Seems like we’re going down that same old tired path of “wars for Israel”, right? Well, not really (but yes, sort of).

Look at what has happened in the past 1.5 years. SA, NK, ISIS, Armenia, EU (Merkel, Macro, May (yes, she’s still tied to the EU)) – handled. Iran is about to toss out the mullahs. China has been dealt with. Trump admin is doing everything they can to strengthen our border and our agents that enforce it. The economy is riding a wave of awesome, and the military is pumped to be in service of a POTUS that they know loves them and cherishes their service. Human Trafficking (to include child offenders) are crushing under the weight of justice at every turn. Our politically debased are being exposed and are retreating from a system that is imposing honesty, integrity, and truth over backdoor deals and corruption.

I’m not sure how much more winning you could ask for, but Q and team are taking it to the next level. They aren’t stopping until the entire cabal is exposed for what they are, and what they are doing. Reality is going to shift in the next 6 years when your average citizen finally learns what we here in this board already know to be true. The problem is anons not going back and re-reading the crumbs to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Remember what Q said about “conspiracy”? They want you to think that what you know to be truth, or at least closer to it than what we’re spoon fed by the “fake news”, is nothing more than a conspiracy. Turns out:

Up is Down

Right is Left

Down is Up

Left is LEFT

We all know this, and that’s why we’re here. Now, about Israel. What if I were to tell you that “saving them for last” means establishing of a Sovereign Palestinian state as well as an Israeli state? If that were to actually happen during our lifetime, what would you then think of Trump and his administration? What part does a peaceful Israel play in the entirety of the Middle East? We already know a majority of the wars fought there are a direct result of Israeli intel and chess moves against other actors with interests in the area (Russia, EU, etc.). What if all the reasons all the fighting going on over there ceased to be? What would it take? What do you do when you’ve taken out all the bad guys and the only thing left is Israel?

Another great Post on 8chan today:

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The cabal is entrenched in many religions, and positions on society.

Yes they have many pretending to be jewish( when really they worship their own twisted evil cult gods)

They have control of the catholic church( vatican)

They are also hidden among many other religious leaders, christian, and muslim.

They are also promoters of atheism( when really they worship stupid goat demons, kek)

Some are leaders in the black community.

The cabal are hidden in many facets of our society, they are not all jews, or any other religion.

They hide behind it, and others.

We are against people who are corrupt and evil,,( not against jewish, or muslim beliefs, or heritage)

These people, use and corrupted many religions.

They are in Europe, switzerland, royal families, etc,,, and yes there are some in Israel too.

They have used and abused people from every religion and race.

They want us divided, they provided the labels in order to divide.

They do not want us united, ( Jewish, Christian, Muslim, athist,, black, white, chinese, korean,indian, etc)

They took good ideals and values, and twisted them, and used them to divide us.

( people should be accepting and tolerant of other people)

But not by having everyone from Africa and and other countries flood europe and the US

Most people are good, and judge people by their character.

And most people, feel bad for poor women and children.

They jumped on those values, and twisted it,

( part of the point of the migrants, was to slip in yound men, ( who they trained to be terrorists and gand members)

To do their bidding, and cause havoc, so they could make more laws, gain more control.)

.But they twisted something, and made it evil/ bad.

Al of those people whould have gone to jordan, and other close by Arab countires( not Europe)

Hoepfully when the storm is over, they can go back to their home countries, and rebuild, knowing that the evil, and corruption is gone.

The did the same type of thing with world war 2.

Also Migrants are a good supply of people, who can disappear more easily) They wanted more sheep for the slaughter, closer to home.

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