QAnon Post!!! New Fresh post and decode by Anon

Qanon,post,decoded,March 17, 2018, greatawakening,8chan,Q, !UW.yye1fxo ,03/17/18, (Sat), 15:03:41, No.458,draintheswamp,maga,trump,ibor2internetbillofrights

New qanon post on greatawakening, look for more indictments, more swamp draining!!!

Qanon,post,decoded,March 17, 2018, greatawakening,8chan,Q, !UW.yye1fxo  ,03/17/18, (Sat), 15:03:41, No.458,draintheswamp,maga,trump,ibor2internetbillofrights
Qanon,post,decoded,March 17, 2018, greatawakening,8chan,Q, !UW.yye1fxo ,03/17/18, (Sat), 15:03:41, No.458,draintheswamp,maga,trump,ibor2internetbillofrights
Q !UW.yye1fxo  03/17/18 (Sat) 14:03:41 No.458

1) How bad is the corruption? Pervasive at the highest levels of government.

FBI (past/present)

#1 Wray

#1 Mueller/Comey

#2 McCabe

+29 (16)

DOJ (past/present)

#1 Sessions

#1 Holder/Lynch

#2 Rosenstein


STATE (past/present)

#1 Tillerson/Pompeo

#1 Hillary/Kerry (Cohen)


Removal is the least of their problems. Impending prosecution

Projection. Pot to kettle black


Twitter Bots>GOOG operated (not Russia)/Narrative & Political SLANT

BIDEN / CHINA. $1b China Bank Deal

BIG DEVELOPMENT. Happened back in 2013

TRAITORS EVERYWHERE. “Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides..”

AMERICA FOR SALE. Bundy Ranch, Oregon Standoff, pay to play & choose your prize

FLYNN. Counter-terrorism expert

Targeted. Silence

Why? Knew too much

Who knows where the bodies are buried? Flynn

CLEARED OF ALL CHARGES. McCabe ordered 302’s changed to implicate.

TRUMP ADMIN v2? As DJT takes out the never-Trumpers

Election theft. AL, PA

Last hope. Dems take House!

Congressional focus. Certain key districts in House & Senate races

Impeach. After securing Congress

They think you are STUPID. They can barely think for themselves.

They think you will follow the STARS. Hollywood is not Main St.

They openly call you SHEEP/CATTLE. Goys will be goys!


Pedos, sexual predators, and satanists.




Calling all #Anons of #Qanon8chan #qanon to sign #Petition This is latest directive by Q

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8 thoughts on “QAnon Post!!! New Fresh post and decode by Anon”

  1. I would just say that Rex Tillerson is technically still Sec. of State until March 31st. Then, assuming confirmation, is when Mike Pompeo becomes #1 @ State.

  2. Whether Q started out legitimate, I believe it is now kids playing a prank. The postings are now all garbled and silly.

    Where was the big October/November storm? Nothing. Indictments? Nothing. It is nothing.

    Telling us we’re patriots, aligned with Trump? Remind me, what part of Trump’s enormous tax cut was for patriots, unless patriots are extremely wealthy or corrupted?

    The research boards are full of “joke” images that giggling about us taking them seriously. I saw several dozen funny images and clips about “bait” and how stupid people are about taking it. I saw clips equating “insight” to satanism. Or the images about “going too deep” and “pulling out”, which Q has said a couple times, equating it with either being deep under water or getting f—ed.

    Q now stands for quacked.

  3. I humbly disagree with the past present list of corrupt officials.
    Notice the past/present clue…
    How bad is the corruption?
    FBI (past/present)
    #1 Mueller – past
    #1 Comey – past
    #2 McCabe – present
    +29 (16)
    DOJ (past/present)
    #1 Holder – past
    #1 Lynch – past
    #2 Rosenstein – present
    STATE (past/present)
    #1 Clinton – past
    #1 Kerry – past

  4. Is “a highjacked life” a reference to your audience, betrayed by you and anonymous 8chan scum?

    Apparently you’re helping fan the flames of tribal divisiveness between Trump and Democrast, and then when the huge debt crisis hits (due very soon), the BIG money expects us to rip each other apart, then they’ll offer a nice clean BIG international government and currency, and we come begging.

    So who do you work for? Ultimately the really BIG money. Nasty bunch, psychopaths and sadists. Plausibly satanists up there, I can’t think of anything that would be strong enough glue. Do you realize you’re just rocket fuel to them? We all are. You’ll go first, because you know too much.


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