Qanon 8chan reason for the board Autistic OCD Rainman!/v/enki74/r6y5wr8t



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2 thoughts on “Qanon 8chan reason for the board Autistic OCD Rainman ”

  1. Hi, don’t know if this is relevant or not, although I have a Google account and gmail address, I haven’t used chrome or Google for ages now. I use firefox browser (there are many alternatives) and Yandex search. Yandex search of ‘a hi-jacked life’ returns your site at the top of 61 million results. It also allows direct click from there to your site without any bullshit warnings. I know sites like yours need Google and YouTube for income stream, but maybe if everyone started using alternative browsers and search engines, these alternatives could push Google enough to make them (google) irrelevant. I only recently found your site btw, came up in Yandex search of qanon, so I didn’t know you had been hit by Google until I got here and watched your latest vid. Anyway, good luck with things ahead, we all have our work cut out to get through what’s coming. Regards, Profisaurus…

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