Fisa Amendments in Apache Bill!!!




Sec. 110. Whistleblower Protections for Contractors of the Intelligence Community

Section 110 extends whistleblower protections to contractor employees in the intelligence community and of the FBI. It prohibits contractors from taking or failing to take personnel actions “as a reprisal for a lawful disclosure of information” that the disclosing party reasonably believes is evidence of a violation of federal law or other misbehavior.


Details of the changes,



Apache,qanon,Fisa,bill, amendments
Apache,qanon,Fisa,bill, amendments


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3 thoughts on “Fisa Amendments in Apache Bill!!!”

  1. I am sorry but I don’t understand what you are trying to say, Apache Bill??? Can you give an explanation. Thanks!

  2. How do I follow Q myself? I enjoy everyone’s vids. but I’m wanting to be able to follow Q posts independent of others and their comments. It’s important for every Patriot to have the capability to join “the Revolution” and the fight to regain our nation from the globalists without having to do so secondhand. My 4great-grandfather was a Capt in the South Carolina militia, slitting the throats of redcoats as they got drunk around their nightly fires. The British had over inflated opinions of themselves. Their arrogance and God’s divine intervention empowered our fledgling Republic to win Independence. This New Revolution is no less critical and requires every Patriot to bring his/her own skills etc into this Battle! Please help me Sir. Thank you….the Dingkdom

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