QAnon on 8chan says bye bye!!! Hello QOnly Board!!!

QAnon on 8chan says bye bye!!! Hello QOnly Board!!!

Q moves off 8chan on the 5th over to temporary board and then to his own board for Q intel drops only.

Links:  QAnon Intel drops HERE

Qanon Discussion HERE

Q drops quite a lot of Intel and prepares us for a big week this week. See my analysis watch this video.

Link for QAnon Intel Drops  is

Click pic to go to Q Post
Click pic to go to Q Post

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16 thoughts on “QAnon on 8chan says bye bye!!! Hello QOnly Board!!!”

  1. I did tap the pic Q and nothing shows up on cbts? New to your vids, thanks for your info. I tried to go back to all posts, what am I doing wrong? Please help this old lady out

    1. Hey there Q! How are you! Looks like you are on top! What do you do is a wonderful choice! I want to get back as well and not sure how! May be we are here! I like this! Wow! Q never stops! The beginnings and ends meet! I’ve asked more than I will ever know the truthtoo be, like the quarry go round, wheeeeee! Now R is where we R, standing together! Unity a lunacy to clear up a transparency! Unfortunately we are not, by standard, given this ability! See as your will and mine are not the same, the junction where ones sanity goes is where mine will remain! Good luck on your on, don’t look back, and you mine the blame! Six is how evil will come but now I have your back, as the clock is at eighteen! The dangers ahead stand no chance in hell and stay blinded by the night! In our oversight we will win, victory, bringing the dark too light!
      Thank you
      smile we have a deal. I assure you with most certainty that
      Q is really real.

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