Qanon post Monday 12-18-17 Atl Airport fire power outage


Q !UW.yye1fxo 12-18-17 (Mon) 22:43:55 ID: afbf68 N.121446 



Q !UW.yye1fxo 12-18-17 (Mon) 22:57:28 ID: 82d434 No.121555

BISHOP (cult).


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11 thoughts on “Qanon post Monday 12-18-17 Atl Airport fire power outage”

  1. Hello Will,
    Interesting this morning with the Q posts regarding the Atlanta airport power outage.

    Q !UW.yye1fxo 12-18-17 (Mon) 22:43:55 ID: afbf68 N.121446

    Q !UW.yye1fxo 12-18-17 (Mon) 22:57:28 ID: 82d434 No.121555
    BISHOP (cult).

    Here is a quick note regarding the Bishop Int’l Airport in GA.
    I have not connection yet.

    Thanks for the news.

  2. Hi Will,
    I went onto pol and there is not a clearly marked board where to go as there was with “cbts”,
    which had a bright orange banner with the words CALM BEFORE THE STORM, and it has a lion’s head
    up in the right corner.
    How do we find the correct board?
    I am also wondering about the “whiteboard” situation.
    I am doing ok finding the posts before, but these new ones
    are not coming up.
    Please advise.
    Thanks for your patience in teaching this. I, for one, really do
    want to be able to check these out for myself.
    I appreciate your teaching.

  3. Hi Will,

    I may be a bit off-color, but I am really disappointed at the way all these people are getting in there and packaging the lists, excluding information. I don’t want that. Frankly, I don’t trust a lot of those scum-languaged guys in there.

    Some of the posts are on cbts, and some are on pol. It doesn’t look clean, and frankly, if it gets messy, I am not interested in looking this up anymore. I just don’t believe the packaged lists of posts. I need to see them for myself.

    If anyone really wants to help us see this, we need to see it at the source. Otherwise, you will have on your hands a bunch of “why daddy?” people who will do nothing but tune in for entertainment or we will have on our hands a bunch of fake alt-media.
    If this is asking too much, then please know I have appreciated all your work. You are a good teacher. These posts have jumped around, and now, someone has “rubbed Aladdin’s lamp and asked Q a question…Presto! Q answered. I just don’t believe this. So I need to see it for myself. I am an operating technician and know those guys tweaking around with the posts on 8chan know how to, if they were dishonest, make up their own look-alike posts. They really ought to get a little humility and keep their hands off of the posts. Just stay out of it!!! These are, if they are important, historical documents.
    It is probably a giant pain for you, but if you could please do another video starting from scratch, leaving out the “cbts” parts, and just take us to “pol”, showing us what board to pick from the mass of boards, and then take us to where these latest posts are, you will be a real friend to myself and others who are somehow compelled to know. The CALM BEFORE THE STORM boards were much easier to find. Here I am not sure, andneed some clarification.

    Thanks again,

  4. PS – Will,
    If this Q thing really takes off, you are going to see all kinds of “side shows” of the posts.
    If you want to stand apart, please offer a continued, clean simple way to actually track the real
    posts. There are also some researchers who I know will be left in the dust of confusion, and they
    are will need a place to get a clean copy of the posts.
    Please show us the way.

  5. I agree with William. So much rubbish associated with the ‘chan’ sites. I downloaded the book with all Q posts in it, but none of the anon findings were included. So the question was asked, but there was no answer(s). That’s what I suggest would help gain an edge. Daily updates appreciated.

  6. Hi Will,
    This may be my last message.
    The guys from 8chan are now getting involved with at least one YT researcher which is not good.
    They are doing it in the name of “getting the word out”, when they need to leave researchers alone to do their work. They are creating a heightened sense of urgency that is inappropriate, and it will definitely drive Q away; it will drive away anything that is real. But, the 8chan guys cannot resist it. This is the cradle of “Fake News” on the Alt-Media level.
    They are too involved, along with trying to contact Q themselves… really unpleasant to watch.
    If I were Q I would move away. Immature people don’t know their place, and are going to mess with something that, well, maybe it is just a ruse anyway! Maybe the Q thing is going to become a new fad and it won’t mean anything real anymore.
    I was very interested, and even wanting to do some looking around myself, but now I am not going to do it. I cannot be part of the joke these 8chan guys are turning this into.
    If Q is Trump, he is way too smart to hang out with a bunch of non-professionals who are trying to catch a ride and make a name for themselves. I don’t believe they give a rip about our Country. If they did, and if Q is real, they’d treat it with a lot more respect than they have demonstrated.
    I appreciate all you have done to introduce me to the boards.
    I wish you freedom and Peace.

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