QAnon Meme Post for you to use (part 2 of 10) on Twitter Facebook Youtube

picture of Qanon QClearence fire

Patriots, here is an example of post you can use on your twitter facebook, youtube!!!

Qanon/QClearence on fire burning down the fake news houses!!!

Picture of Qanon QClearence fire burning down the fake news house
MAGA Qanon QClearence fire burning down the fake news house

#QAnon#Meme#Post and #Pictures for you to use on #Youtube

COm[e] #Anon#Patriots time to #MAGA Watch my [v]ideo on this blog pag[e] how to sp[r]ead the Q meme. Have you re-posted a Q Meme [y]et? #Patriots Post [1] today!


Fixed Screen Centered Video How To make your Twitter Qanon Meme Post!!!


How to use and post this information video CLICK HERE   Screen Skewed try video above for better version! 🙂

First of Ten video Click Here 


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8 thoughts on “QAnon Meme Post for you to use (part 2 of 10) on Twitter Facebook Youtube”

  1. Hi Will,
    Greetings to you from an unseasonably dry California.
    I looked up the word “meme” in the traditional Webster’s, and
    of course it was not there.
    HOWEVER, the Urban Dictionary at least acknowledged the word.
    Urban Dictionary says that “meme” is not a word, but a lifestyle.

    I guess I need more information. My antique references see them
    as graphics, but that perhaps is not enough. Memes must be a type of graphic
    that carries a real meaning regarding something that doesn’t require
    words; perhaps a construct that sends a message to those who are awake.
    I am learning. Trying to catch up with my updated counterparts.
    Watching and waiting.

  2. When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new surveys are added- checkbox and from now on when a comment is added I receive four emails with the same comment. Is there by any means you are able to remove me from that service? Thanks!

  3. Hi Will,
    Another thing I am noticing on the YT channels: the ones that cannot sit still and wait for a real Q post. They remind me of the nightly news, where they have to put something up. They are even interviewing the “bakers” on 8chan. That is like the way the media interviews the media. It is boring and clutters up the real information. I really am not interested in constant supposition. Sometimes we have to take a guess, but there is nothing like filling in the Q posts with real information.

    I don’t want to distract from your site or channel, but I will mention in passing that the channel I look at as well as yours is one called “DeceptionBytes”, where a woman named Michel goes through all the posts. Right now we are still in November, but going back over the “crumbs”, and it is very interesting. She backs up the subjects with history or articles. Between her channel and yours, I am encouraged to learn more about what is really going on in our Country.

    It has been interesting to watch several of the channels on YT get up and start live streaming, or preparing real evaluations. All of them, yours included, have had technical challenges, and the serious ones have done what they need to do to, for example, make audio adjustments. It is very inspiring to see people continue to grow into their places on the alt-media.

    There are, however the ones that are not looking at depth or using rote to really absorb the content. This kind of presentation will bare itself out in time.

    I am so glad to have found your channel and Michel’s DBytes. There are a few others who do a broader stroke, and summarize things. It’s great to experience making a full lap around the track and really understand something.
    So I will wait, and continue to study the crumbs.
    I hope your Holiday Season is Blessed, and I look forward to learning more about how our Country is doing.
    Thank you!

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