QAnon moves from 4chan to 8chan confirmation

,SA controlled US puppets. ,Strings cut. ,D’s dropping all around over sexual misconduct (1st stage). ,Coincidence directly after SA? ,Don’t you realize the war has gone public? ,List who will not be running for re_election. ,Coincidence? ,Phase I. ,Easy to swallow. ,Loss of power/influence. ,Good time to prosecute. ,Just wait until next week. ,You are all Patriots. ,Q

QAnon on 8Chan now? 4Chan too?

So its not easy task to figure out the navigation alone on these two boards.  What I see now is that 8chan post are archived differently.  I will go over all the post on 8chan by QAnon as far as I can tell by looking at them on the archive pQR1CN492017-12-01 13-19-34


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