Steemit Subscriptions are still up and check out the Active User numbers too!

steemitstats 11-13-2017
steemitstats 11-13-2017
steemitstats 11-13-2017

Today we can see the same pattern as yesterday, although the number is slipping lower each day for new subscribers I’m still looking for it to stabilize.  The pattern was about half of the days of a month above 1000 new / day to 500 new per day, so we shall see on that. statistics 11-13-2017 follow me statistics 11-13-2017
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You may notice that with half the month to go Active Unique Users is at 64,297 given last month topping out at 81,000 I would say the number will come in over 120,000 by the end of this month.  Also remembering that new users added per day is lets say 750 / day then you can add another say 11,000 to the possible number of active users.  Lets check this again at the end of the month.  What do you think?


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These statistics put together by arcange

and taken from his post HERE


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