Catalonian people; voice, of all free people of the world

Voice of Catalan shouting for humanity's right to Vote #catalanreferendum2017

Catalonia continuing to speak for the free people of the world, for the right to vote, to negotiate, a more fair agreement with the leaders of Spain.

In this video, the people of small town in Catalonia having the ballots of the vote taken by authorities, do not give up, and make a statement here.  A powerful message is made in this video, showing the relentless efforts of a people to make it known that they are not giving up even after the ballots were taken.  They can be seen here chasing them out of there town with only themselves and there voices. All free people must stand with Catalan people as they fight the fight for freedom to vote in peaceful way to choose our autonomy.


Voice of Catalan shouting for humanity's right to Vote #catalanreferendum2017 Voice of Catalan shouting for humanity’s right to Vote #catalanreferendum2017!/v/enki74/lbecj3sm


While most of us are busy with our day to day routine, we must take more time to examine and take a stand on the issue of our desires for the future of the common man.  There are those that would like the entire world to be under a one world government. George Sorros seems to be the number one on this list at least in terms of openly expressing and revealing his money and hand in dealings all over the globe


George Soros I am a God I created everything



One of the most powerful paradigms about to enter the main stream vernacular is blockchain.  In the blockchain one can remove the authorities in between with the use of smart contracts the agreed terms will be verified by algorythm. In the future any vote with paper ballots can also be forever recorded on a blockchain for review as all on the blockchain is permanent and not redactable.

blockchain catalonia finances bitcoin




Can Blockchain Preserve our Right to Vote?

Pro-independence Associations Meet At The Catalan High Court Demanding Release Of Arrested Officials
BARCELONA, SPAIN – SEPTEMBER 21: A banner that it reads ‘I just want to vote’ is seen as people demonstrate in front of the Catalan High Court building on September 21, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. Pro-Independence Associations called for a meeting in front of the Catalan High Court building demanding release of the 14 officials arrested yesterday during a Spanish Police operation in an attempt to stop the region’s independence referendum, due to take place on October 1, which has been deemed illegal by the Spanish government in Madrid. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)



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