Naked physically or naked egoically which is easier?

I would say that to open your soul or heart is the most difficult for most of us.  I am moved to write about this subject as I find myself sharing myself with another and the difficulty is painfully obvious the struggle that can emerge when two are attempting to be open in soul and heart.  At the same time it’s so obvious that in today’s world we as a culture have been “taught” to freely become naked physically and even to share our bodies is the most intimate interaction of sex.

So what I see being promoted is the physical without the internal skills. This is leaving the ego lacking and bound to generate a struggle internally stopping the value that would be naturally gained when the physical connection is in union with the expertise of internal constructs that support the fears and hopes and dreams we all have.

Hopefully this short writing will create interest in you to self examine how open are you really with those that you share yourself physically.  I say always strive to be more open it’s truly healthy and in harmony with a healthy ego and internal diolog.

Comments are requested and welcome tell me your thoughts your hopes your fears for the future, then do the same with the one you have love for today!

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