Recreation more powerful than troubleshooting?

As I learned in fourteen years of technology a “reset” is almost always clearing away “bugs” faster than any other solution.

Rebuilding quicker and better the second time more efficient than continuing whats less than working well?

Can this “efficient” pattern be applied correctly to relationship with others?

So these are the thoughts that I ponder; however, action is more than words; as, words are more than thoughts.

Tell me; and yes really tell me! 

Do you think about these things; as, a excersise; an, effort toward right being, or even an egoic choice of being right?

So I will close by tying the technology analogy back to my final statement.  “Reset” will likely create same “bug” in the future!

Comment here or fb or Twitter or gab or wherever you see this and I will read your thoughts and continue this thread.

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