Free Night at Tiny House Bnb just outside Austin TX!


Free Night at Tiny House Bnb just outside Austin TX!

This is a package that includes a FREE R&R Booking which means random days or random houses can be booked for your FREE days on Sunday through Thursday for as long as you remain a member.  If you choose to use a FREE Coupon Day on Premium days (Fridays, Saturdays, and Holidays if not booked within a week of joining), will cost you $15 in addition to your free night, no more, regardless of the house you choose.

The benefits of membership include discount rates for additional days, FREE seminar participation, discounts on materials, events plus special not available to the public.



Product Description

2016 End of the Year Holiday Gift Special

One FREE night in one of the Tiny Texas Organic Cottages located in Salvage, Texas for when ever you choose and we have a house available.  This will allow you to come experience a purely organic cottage and see how you will fit in the downsized world you imagine wanting to live in one day.  How small can you go?  Find out with a free night in the only B&B of its kind in the world where you can not only try on a piece of Houses Art you can live in, but you could buy the materials at a discount, come to FREE seminars to learn how to build your own sustainable energy efficient Organic Cottage and be able to enjoy the benefits of membership that are still worth far more than the membership cost, even if you did not come stay in one of our houses for FREE. (But if you don’t then gift it to someone who will because they will remember the experience for a lifetime and it may change the path they choose when their time comes to downsize too).

Pure Salvage Living Online Members Get Access To:

• The Salvage Mining Tutorial Series. Over five hours and 20 educational tutorial videos on how to salvage and restore building materials including how to start your own salvage mining business!
• The Salvage Building Tutorial Series. A comprehensive, step-by-step video series on how Tiny Texas Houses builds their tiny houses with salvage from concept to completed home.
• Over 50 articles detailing tips and tricks to building your tiny house with salvaged materials.
• Our members and member directory to network and engage with like-minded tiny house enthusiasts. Team up to salvage a house in your area or build your own tiny homes together!
• Pre-sale access to hands on workshops hosted by Tiny Texas Houses
• The Pure Salvage Living Forum where you can connect and engage with Tiny Texas Houses and other members
• And all the updates and new content that is released on the website every month

What Do Members Learn

Learn How to:
• Obtain “salvage rights” to structures in your area
• Identify valuable building materials
• Deconstruct a building safely and efficiently
• Transport and store building materials
• Remove nails and clean framing materials
• Restore salvaged windows and glass
• Design a tiny house with salvage
• Space saving techniques in your tiny house design
• What tools you need to build your tiny house
• The step-by-step process to build your tiny house (from flooring, framing, siding and finishing)
• Re-purpose old roofing tin for your tiny house roof
• Build your tiny house in “modules”
• Start your own Salvage Mining or Salvage Building Business for profit

And Much Much More!

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