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Free night OFFER

1 year membership gets you 1 Free night on our Random day & Random House program. R&R Bookings are for whenever you are ready down the road, with a short notice, as little as a few hours if we have a free house to stay in, it will be yours as one of our members. If it is on a prime weekend (Fri., Sat., or special events) then your booking would only be $15 extra as opposed to Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday in which case your one day would be free.


I am introducing a very special offer for a very limited time, only through the rest of 2016, thus the Christmas and New Year holiday. Here is your chance to start 2017 out in a new way for not just you, but the members of your community, family, or loved ones who could use some hope, passion, and perhaps a free night to escape the city in a Tiny Texas House they dream of having one day. This Special Offers those who join us for one year at the $75 rate to get a free booking.
You are not required to book when you join, for as a member we will keep track and have your visit prepared and ready when you are able to come. We will offer this as a two gift card combination so that you can spread out the memberships as gifts and keep the FREE days in the houses or give both away to those you love so that they can come with you when you get the chance to break away together. This winter for those of you up north might be a good example. Heh.
You can give away the membership and if you buy more than one, keep the FREE Days at our Organic Cottage B&B but let someone else have of the extra memberships. This is a chance to also get to watch the “How to become a Salvage Miner seminar series” for free as well as many other videos and photoblogs on how to salvage the materials, design your tiny cottage, and even build it if you want to learn. Random House bookings for in the future when you are ready. Whether for a weekend family get together or a get away from the freezing cold of the North this winter, perhaps just a secret get away and rendezvous, you will have a place to go to where the birds fill the trees, the frogs croak in the ponds, and rabbits run around with the deer. You can book a specific date when you join too if you like, but you will need to call Laura to confirm for the house and date of your choice.

The houses and hike or bike trails of Salvage, Texas will give you a chance to walk barefoot if you like, put your feet in the pond or mud in the cavern 35′ below the ground
. All of that just for joining us in the launch of the next phase of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance at Salvage, Texas.

If you bring the family down, a house for each with a few camp spots, it would be a great picnic, walk, and reunion for those who live in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston as we are in the middle of them all. Great spot to meet in the middle with a fun new space to explore, simple, back to basics get away, with more than tents for those who do not like to sleep on the ground in a tent. Imagine giving the family a membership so they could learn how to build with salvaged materials and create camp houses, homes, and compounds for the family to have on their family land. Actually, don’t just imagine what could be, come test drive a night or weekend in your potential dream world and learn what is important to you, what you might want to give up, and what you can not possibly live without or find out by surprise you like it simpler, making it easier to walk away and disconnect from the matrix.

Need a present in a hurry that will be remembered for life, keep you out of the malls, off the freezing roads, get delivered on time, and bring forth memories and more that will last a lifetime. This is it.>

Now a destination spot with B&B Tiny Texas Houses, private spaces for group gatherings, romantic weekends, and much more. Skinny Dip Pool demonstrated by Darby too!


Besides the Free Night in a Tiny Texas House, membership will get you and your gifted friends and loved ones:

Discounts on Salvaged Building materials and architectural antiques

Video seminar on “How to become a Salvage Miner” that is three hours of info on going into the business for a career or just for one house.

Free Attendance to all Salvage and Building Seminars, lodging not included unless you have some bonus R&R days saved.

Our Monthly Newsletter on Pure Salvage Living updates, seminars, offerings, houses for sale, salvage, and much more.

Videos on How to build with Salvage… Like how to frame the floors, build showers with metal roofing shingles and much more.

Discounts on the Music and Film Festival Venues that will be held as soon as we finish the stage at SalvageFaire.

Discounts on B&B room rates

Special offers not available to non-members

Priority Booking for special events

Special barter options for your inherited treasures in return for House Parts and house plans as well as other trades.

Free storage as you gather your parts to create your houses.

Access to build space in Manifestation Bay for the day you decide to build… with our Pure Salvage Living Co-op tools and shop, this is a Makers space for House Art you can live in. Terms vary so check with us when you are ready to build.

Access to and the ability to create community forums to get help on salvaging or building with others in your geographic area.

A chance to barter your labor for parts for your house by coming to help on projects once you have been trained so as to not take instructor time but be able to contribute more to the projects and thus get windows, doors, flooring, siding, and other parts in exchange for your time.

If you get involved and get certifiable as an Organic Organic Cottage Builder, then we will be glad to send you business building houses so you might establish your territory early in the industry rather than fight for opportunities later.

Ground floor opportunity to learn, help start other Pure Salvage Outposts (PSO) and help create more resource banks that will make the community richer, the landfills poorer, and the future better for all involved and even those on the sidelines still living with big houses, new materials, and toxins in their unhealthy lives.

All of this on top of getting  FREE Night in Tiny House at Bnb.


1 year membership gets you 1 Free night on our Random day & Random House program. R&R Bookings are for whenever you are ready down the road, with a short notice, as little as a few hours if we have a free house to stay in, it will be yours as one of our members. If it is on a prime weekend (Fri., Sat., or special events) then your booking would only be $15 extra as opposed to Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday in which case your one day would be free.


Booking Additional days beyond your free day will come at a discount off the Air B&B rates saving you an additional 10% with specials stacked on to that for savings when we offer more. This is so much better than a Time Share or buying a vacation home if you can not get away often to use it. If you book a specific day when you join through us you will also save on the first booking, such that our best house would be yours for the same price as the membership. All else after that is gravy, from the free seminars, videos, and other benefits down the road to the chance to be part of helping create an alternative not available anywhere in the world now. Joining a Co op that will help you manifest your dreams, save the treasures of the past and help warehouse them around the country while also teaching people to build with them, export the surpluses, and re-invigorate industrial towns, rural towns, and give our kids a future in an industry not dependent on global corporations, banks, or big box stores.

Your support by being a member will truly be what makes the rest of this vision I have followed for three decades finally come into fruition. The Audio / Video studio is finished, the restaurant for guests nearly through, and three more houses are ready to come online with the launch of this new campaign to give away FREE nights to stay in, experience why this phenomena is growing so fast, and learn how you can be a part of the benefits that will come from it, as well as possibly help your family and friends profit and benefit from what this new industry can bring with it. Not just a tiny house, but careers as empowered small businesses all over the country uniting for a common cause and mutual benefits that all people in our country will experience once this catches on.

If I can get our governments to give tax credits for the portion of houses build from salvage, then this will be the biggest industry in our country as we move to build our houses as free of future taxes, energy efficient, and as sustainable as is possible, and to the benefit of the whole world.

What could be better to be a member of than that?

Once the first Salvage, Texas is set up, we will work on getting other Pure Salvage Outposts going in other states to grow this concept of teaching and giving people the opportunity to test drive the whole idea of simplifying our lives through downsizing and doing it with a renewed respect for our ancestors and the treasures we already have in hand.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions by emailing as this is the first time such an offer has been made and many may not believe it is possible… but it is for you at least. Thanks for following and joining us in our imagination manifested. Please help us turn more of it into a reality for we have all the parts, now we just need the human energy and financial support to finish creating one of the most incredible towns ever built, and out of Pure Salvage no less.

Free night OFFER

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