UPDATE 2 v404 cygni cosmic wave galactic gravitational to reach earth Dec 2016

Cosmic Wave December 2016

​v404 cygni is sending a cosmic wave to earth, many have been hearing about this;so, if you are wanting to see for yourself stay connected to this Telesti’s YouTube channel 

The back story on this event is that the same magnetron v404 cygni has sent a wave to earth before.  This cosmic wave was viewed by the observatories all over the world.  Many remember hearing about the 9.2 earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people on December 27th 2004. That cosmic wave was told to be a glancing blow, this one is said to be stronger and more direct hit. Estimated arravial is same month same day as 2004. Listen to and watch this video update and get your own data at the link provided here and on the youtube below the video.

So today no warning from NASA about meteorite that hit in southern Spain causing what people described as earthquake. NASA good at announcing the flyby of near misses but miss the ones that hit!

So watch here update 2 on the cosmic wave you can get your own raw data from this link:


Will be adding more here for now watch the v404 cygni cosmic wave update 1 update2

Cosmic Wave December 2016
Image fair use http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/science/2015/08/30/01-x-ray-burst-a-telltale-sign-of-massive-black-hole.html


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