The American Millennials more Conservative than you may think!

Scott Isbell Leading the Millennial Movement for Donald Trump!


Infowars has responded Scott Isbell on the big show today!!! Thanks Joe Biggs!!! Pass this on let’s have Scott Isbell playing at the celebration party OK? Donald Trump? OK? Big thanks to the Tip of the #PatriotV2.0 spear Alex Jones
The ‘millennial factor’ may have been overlooked at first. Now as the political battle entering the final stretch, even CNN is coming out with headlines

Watch YouTube of interview here:

‘Millennials more conservative than you may think’


Scott Isbell is perfect example of this unconventional conservative (he is very young and an artist) previously unknown huge wave of conservative energy that Donald Trump can ride into the white house.  Scott Isbell representing the youngsters of the millennials it may surprise many that he has two songs supporting Trump’s campaign. Trumpified which topped the soundcloud top 10 “I wanted to write about Donald Trump because whenever anyone wakes up in the morning, he comes into their mind — regardless of if you love him or hate him,” he said. “So to me, everyone in this country is Trumpified right now. Because even if they hate him, he’s on their minds nonstop.” from USAToday headline:

Boston college student’s ‘Trumpified’ song goes viral

Scott Isbell latest new song ‘In The Clear Now’ Debut on 9-1-2016, Bill Mitchell got the first interview of Scott Isbell.

Infowars, Alex Jones, Joe Biggs?  Catch this wave quickly adding to the current of energy that is pushing the ‘Trump movement’ all the way to the white house. Huge audiance of Millinnials wanting hear Scott Isbell on location at the #INFOWARS #HQ in Austin!  As he is also preparing a gig on the road perhaps to play Austin outskirts?


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