How I came to believe the ‘Grave to Cradle’ cycles of houses could be the future of Organic Housing

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The Tiny House industry has many definitions at this point and most include wheels due to the popularization of the TV shows, but I chose a path with one focus, that they be able to be transportable with a big trailer that leaves once the house gets to the homestead. If one wants to move it again one day they can. I like using a giant crane to ease the process of setting it in place and if that can be available, getting it back out will be just as easy as putting it in to place. That said, my houses have been as big as 12’ x 32’ and all wood with fold down porch roofs, front and back in many cases. They have shipped to the Badlands up north, Oklahoma, Ohio, and all over Texas so we know this process works.

If you want to be a part of the next step, possibly even live in Salvage, Texas and help create the model for future generations to build from, please get in touch and perhaps even be one of those to get all the materials to build a house here for free if you decide to become a part of this vision. Thanks for sharing and helping grow alternative perspectives on what living in downsized organic houses can mean for your health, the planet, and our future.

Getting to know more about what is avalible at ‘Salvage’ TX may be more interesting as you continue to read and hear and see more.

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How I came to believe the Grave to Cradle cycles of houses could be the future of Organic Housing


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