Only One Tour Day at Tiny Texas Houses on August 20th, for the whole month.

One Tour Day at Tiny Texas Houses on August 20th

Yes it is true, I get to take a rest from listening to myself give the lecture and tour twice a week. I get to not clean my house for each tour day. I get to relax and enjoy our best summer month playing in my oasis.
So if you do decide you want to see and stay in a Tiny Texas House at Salvage, Texas you might consider staying at the bed and breakfast for a get away. You might also pay for a private tour for two at a $100 but you will still need to make an appointment and schedule, especially if it is to be with Darby or Brad.

Above is taken from Post onĀ

So make your plans if your passing thru the area, adding it to your list of stops!!! If you are living in Houston or Austin make it a weekend and stay the night!


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