Democracy Spring? Hijacked 2016 Election Primary in Colorado?


Now is the time wake up or forever loose our right to vote.  There have been many battles over time to protect ones right to vote and here we are again, reporting DenverPost Headline

**** UPDATE ARREST IN PROGRESS see pictures here ****

Colorado Republicans cancel Presidental vote at 2016 caucus

and InfoWars headline

The GOP establishment sees themselves as part of the “specialized class” responsible for making political decisions because they believe the public’s “too stupid” to make decisions for themselves.

are two news sources that are not whitewashing the whole thing.  Colorado just Hijacked the vote of over a million Republican voters First in August the Republican Party suspended the primary vote and then Friday the 8th of 2016 They allocated all the delegates to the Cruz campain. Now Republican delegates are burning there Republican Party Registration Cards

See how the,_2016 page was modified.

Colorado Republican Primary ballotpedia
Colorado Republican Primary ballotpedia


here is “New” version of the page

Here is source which shows the change date time stamp


Meanwhile Thousands of “Democracy Spring” protesters have arrived in Washington DC, the main effort of this group is:

“four bills that we’re pushing for”, the Government by the People Act, Fair Elections Now Act, the Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2015 & Voter Empowerment Act of 2015, and the Democracy for All Amendment.

Link to full story on Democracy Spring below

Democracy Spring Lets hope it is not Hijacked as the Egyptian Spring was!
Democracy Spring Will it survive?


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