Donald Trump announces Pence; wonder why Melania was not seen

Peter Thiel, of PayPal Tom Barrick, CEO of Colony Capital Ivanka Trump, Trump's daughter Donald Trump, Republican presidential nominee

Its official Mike Pence is Donald Trumps pick for VP; did, you hear his speech today; you can watch it as second video window below;

However, I am more interested in the twelve minute mark of this video which reveals that Melania Trump is missing at the end of the speech; everyone, is there and Mike Pence wife is there.

Everyone, will be asking soon I’m sure; is, Melania not happy with Mike Pence as the VP pick? Ill leave this for others to speculate and at the same time keeping a close eye during the days to follow to see if this is indicating some kind pertinent campaign inside information.

Speculate as you hear Mike Pence accept the VP position and let me know if you see any meaning to the potential 1st lady being absent.

Full Speech Full Event׃ Donald Trump Announces Mike Pence as Vice Presidential Candidate 7 16 16


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