Suicide is not natural; We are all one; communicating, we are open

To talk is clarifying for the psyche; so I am talking about suicide today I learned of a friend a beautiful creative and funny friend that is no longer here, she took her life. She was amazingly funny creative and beautiful so of course it does not make sense;  looking, closer at her material one can see a theme she told me she did not want to wait tables anymore and we were talking about how she can become a yoga teacher and what it was like;

Andrea, you have taught me to never stop reaching out to those that have reached out to you; thinking; if only my text was a few days earlier would things be different? Reality is; that the culture and time we are in now is not easy; oppression, is rampant we are more as anthropos of mother earth goddess Sophia; Monday, is full moon, and summer solstice; I will use this day as marker in time for my memory of you and your impact on my life;

This is an eye opening look at Andrea

A goFundMe Page has been set up for her children here:

AndreaPreston gofundme
AndreaPreston gofundme


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One thought on “Suicide is not natural; We are all one; communicating, we are open”

  1. She was surrounded by so much negativity on a daily basis at her work, like the majority of people are. I remember feeling like crying knowing I had to go to work that day.

    May we all figure out a way to structure our lives so that we don’t have to be exposed to all of that negativity every day. You get punished for that financially in many cases, but there is always a way to do it.

    Many people substance abuse, anesthetize themselves with other things like food, TV, shopping, gambling and other compulsive behaviors to escape.

    I’m so sorry she gave up. I can relate to how she felt, sometimes life can seem so overwhelming that it’s possible to convince yourself that your loved ones would be better off without you.

    I hope she has some peace and rest now. Sending love and condolences to all of her loved ones and family.

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