Milo has just added gay community to the TrumpTrain2016 they will shoot back!!!

Gay Conservative Milo Yiannopoulos orlando speech SHOOT BACK

I have noticed a few attributes of the male gay community and Milo exemplifies and is fully utilizing many of the more attractive ones I have seen.  “Shoot Back” as primary messge to the gay community makes him smart.  Milo is from England and is here to warn America; SHOOT, BACK;

Working a real estate agent I “knew” and seen that as a community or neighborhood became popular with the male gay community that the whole area price averages would go up.  Just something a good real estate agent would be aware of yes? Obvious reasons are that I saw that these areas had improvements and common areas and laws were nicely maintained; even if it was small 500 sq foot “lawn” in downtown LA.  Also witnessed many of the gay movements of the past and found that the message was clear and easy for many to hear, very articulate and entertaining; this, is Milo in this video.

The gay community will now be armed and “shoot back” Whatch this video as I will be adding to this story, first watch this he makes a lot of amazing points so well!!!

BTW Milo comes in to video at twelve minute mark 🙂

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Trumpified by Scott Isbell remix for Donald Trump walk out at Rallies

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