Political Islam must be stopped now! Radical Islam needs a new name.

Political Islam

Political Islam must be stopped lets use the right term these people arepracticing political Islam which is stoppable we cannot allow it to continue.  If there are moderate muslims then by all means allow them to practice their religion in peace. To show that they are not political however they should stand up with the rest of Americans and state that they will not stand for Political Islam to be part of there religion.

Blocking roads in the name of religion is Political not religion. Political Islam must be stopped for what it is! Pray in your homes in your church where ever you like. When a group comes together to block traffic this is not religion this is political and not friendly to others that would like to practice there religion and live there lives. Political islam believes in Shria law and would like to stop our way of life

See this video as Political Islamist block road (not religion)

The traitors leading our country are allowing a radical islamic terrorist (Political Islam) to purchase guns he was under FBI investigation as well as the mosque that he attended was ordered by the DOJ and Hillary Clinton to stand down.  This is another move to get more gun control, if the FBI would have been allowed to do its job this would never have happened.

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