Donald Trump leading our Nation with National Anthem proper salute

Donald Trump his hitting the right note again with his insistence that there is enough time for the National Anthem in Anaheim, CA.  In addition he also gives the proper salute for a citizen of the United States with his hand over his heart.

If you remember President Obama has failed to do this, (it is the law) giving some lame excuse that his grandfather taught him to sing the National Anthem and only to put hand on heart during the pledge of allegiance.  Well guess that what we get for electing a foreign born to our highest office in the land!

Thanks Donald Trump, we know you love your country. 🙂

This from the story in the link below gives us the details of proper protocol:

“The Independence Hall Association says the Flag Code, adopted first in 1923, requires those who are not members of the Armed Forces or veterans to face the flag and stand with a hand over their heart. Men in these crowds are told to remove hats or other headwear with their right hands and place them over their left shoulders. – a less formal guide – also recommends dropping your nachos and putting out your cigarette.”

No salute required for this song Tumpified!!! Trumpified by Scott Isbell remix for Donald Trump walk out at Rallies but you may want to move your body to the beat of the music!! pass this link on and tell your friends about Trumpified playing at Trump Rallies

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